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School security at the top of its class

Seneca Township High School utilized the trusted Avigilon Unity security solution to foster safety and security across the campus for students, staff and visitors.

Instant threat detection

Real-time video and Self-Learning Video Analytics aid users in detecting potential incidents that may have otherwise been missed.

Efficient management

Advanced search and query functions help operators find the real-time and recorded footage they need for investigatory purposes.

AI-powered functionality

Avigilon Appearance Search technology enables a proactive approach to security by sorting through recorded video to find a suspect.

Flexible coverage

The deployment of the Avigilon Multisensor camera helps to minimize blind spots, which ensures no incident is missed.

High school deploys a reliable security system

Learn how Seneca Township High School revolutionized its security operation with the Avigilon Unity solution that aids operators in efficiently handling threats and investigating incidents.

Challenge: Ensuring safety is becoming tricky

For Seneca Township High School, maintaining an up-to-date security system proved costly and difficult for the school. The existing security technology was also time-consuming for staff, often requiring them to be in multiple places at once when two or more events simultaneously occurred on campus that required further action. For a more intelligent solution with centralized controls, the team at Seneca Township High School realized they’d need to replace their current system completely.

Solution: An all-new, long-term solution

Seneca Township High School possesses the security system they need to handle student misbehavior while securing the school.

  • Evidentiary support

    The Avigilon video security solution has enabled security operators at Seneca Township High School to validate complaints and verify persons of interest.

  • Fast investigations lead to results

    With Self-Learning Video Analytics enhanced by Appearance Search and UMD technology, security teams can detect and respond to incidents faster.

  • It’s all in the detail

    The high image quality from the Avigilon cameras makes it simple for security personnel to identify repeat offenders so that staff can respond appropriately.

Result: Better student behavior and safer school

Motorola Solutions’ Avigilon security solutions offered the category-leading technology the school needed at a price they could afford. They installed 119 cameras across the campus and Self-Learning Video Analytics that helped to identify students misbehaving and resulted in improved student conduct across their school. The overall solution also enabled the school to centralize security operations and allow staff to analyze and investigate reported incidents so that they could respond accordingly.

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