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Avigilon has lots in store for Marino’s Market

Marino’s Market deployed the Avigilon Unity solution to provide greater insight into the activity within its stores and Motorola Solutions radios for instant communication between store employees.

Enhanced awareness

The Avigilon security cameras help the security team have eyes on all areas in order to detect and respond to potential incidents.

Improved efficiency

Avigilon Unity Video allows users to analyze live and recorded footage to enhance business operations and handle liability claims.

Intelligent analytics

Recognize and detect the movements of people and vehicles, notifying operators of events that may need further investigation.

Robust access control

The scalable, browser-based Unity Access software connects with video platforms, alarm panels and wireless locks to secure spaces.

Efficient video security for a happy customer

Learn how Marino’s Market deployed the Avigilon Unity security suite to protect its business from theft and false liability claims while improving business operations.

Challenge: Create a safe and secure store

Marino’s Market knew it was crucial to not only protect its business from customer theft, false liability claims, shrinkage and procurement issues but to improve business operations as well. To address these concerns, they wanted to deploy a security system that could provide greater visibility throughout their stores, help ensure employees follow cash procedures correctly, track down deliveries and quickly see when various areas of the stores were last cleaned.

Solution: A complete security solution

With the Avigilon Unity suite, Marino’s Market is ready to handle any event with powerful video security and access control.

  • See the bigger picture

    Capturing footage of activity in its stores has provided Marino’s Market with clear evidence in a wide variety of situations, including theft and false claims.

  • Secured restricted spaces

    By restricting access to items that are often targets of theft and by being able to see who accessed inventory areas, they’ve been able to protect their stock.

  • Improved employee coordination

    Motorola Solutions radios help easily maintain fast communication between managers and the security team in the moments that matter most.

Result: A satisfied customer

Since deploying a comprehensive Avigilon and Motorola Solutions system, Marino’s Market says that its security operations are 75% faster than before, and its shrinkage has been reduced by 50%. The Avigilon Unity system helps take care of the detection aspect of security, while the Motorola Solutions radios help easily maintain fast communication between managers in the moments that matter most.

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