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Top university scouts a smart security system

Marian University deployed a comprehensive Avigilon Unity video security solution with smart cameras with built-in video analytics to effectively protect students, staff and the local community.


Avigilon Unity Video allows the review of footage from the Avigilon cameras with a simplified screen layout and intuitive controls.

Smart video analytics

Avigilon H5A camera line features built-in AI video analytics that helps to reveal events that could otherwise go unnoticed.

Powerful search

Avigilon Appearance Search allows you to locate persons of interest quickly and easily using certain physical descriptions.

Enhanced awareness

The Avigilon security cameras help to minimize blind spots and provide improved monitoring capabilities that expedite responses.

Protecting the campus and community

Find out how Marian University deployed a comprehensive Avigilon video security solution to ensure the safety and security of students, staff and visitors as the university grew.

Challenge: Ensure safety as the university grows

While Marian University’s campus has the privilege of sitting near a bustling city, some challenges come with its location, too. That fact and the increasing number of staff and students on the premises motivated the university to upgrade its security systems to help keep its people and the wider community safe.

Solution: A smart video security system

An intelligent video security solution that enables Marian University’s security team to keep the campus safe and secure for all.

  • Next-level video security

    The Avigilon cameras offer expansive coverage of the campus with crystal-clear imagery and low-light capabilities to ensure reliable 24/7 monitoring.

  • Instant alerts to threats

    Built-in AI-powered video analytics instantly detect and alert operations of potential threats or incidents that require immediate attention.

  • Centralized security management

    The Unity Video system allows Marian University’s security team to monitor and manage the entire campus from a central location.

Result: Good for students, good for society

Safety continues to be a top-of-mind issue as crime increases in certain sections of the nearby city of Indianapolis. This is why Marian University chose Avigilon: as the school aims to provide a safe space for students and prepare them for the many opportunities Indianapolis has to offer, there’s also a deep-seated obligation to help protect local communities and public spaces. The Avigilon Unity solution allows it to do both — and even better, the solution will be able to scale with the university as it evolves and expands in the years ahead.

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