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Powerful yet flexible access control

Why Kustomer opted for Avigilon Alta’s cloud-based and mobile-optimized system.

G Suite integration

Every time a new employee is added in their directory service it automatically adds them to the Alta access control system.

Mobile credentials

Everybody already carries their phone with them, so they no longer have to worry about dealing with keycards again.

Guest passes

Alta’s digital Guest Pass feature means Kustomer doesn’t have to worry about their visitors not being able to get into the building.

Open, inviting and friendly

A seamless office entry experience

Kustomer wanted a welcoming environment without sacrificing security, and likes that Alta is mobile-based and easy-to-use.

Open, secure access control for the workplace

Learn how Avigilon Alta helped agent-friendly as well as customer-friendly Kustomer streamline office access without compromising on security.

Challenge: Scalability and compliance

Kustomer unifies data from multiple sources, enabling companies to deliver effortless, consistent and personalized service and support through a single timeline view. Kustomer was building out a new office space and was searching for an access control solution that would provide a seamless experience for their employees. It was important for them to find a solution that would allow them to scale with their expanding team while also providing the security needed to remain PCI compliant.

Solution: Mobile, cloud-based access

Avigilon was able to meet all of Kustomer’s requirements, helping the company create an open, friendly and secure work environment.

  • Frictionless workplace access

    Alta’s mobile credentials allow Kustomer employees to freely navigate the office without needing to carry around keycards or badges.

  • Direct integration with G Suite

    Whenever an employee is added or removed from their company directory, their Alta credential is automatically issued/​revoked.

  • Protecting private information

    In managing customer support for a lot of high profile direct-to-consumer brands, it was imperative their access control allowed them to remain PCI compliant.

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