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School of success: safeguarding our future

Georgetown County School District (GCSD) set its sights on a smart security system with increased coverage to help mitigate misconduct while offering greater ease of use.

Versatile imaging

H4 Mini Dome cameras offer a discreet solution, H4 Fisheye cameras offer 360-degree panoramic views, and H4A Bullet cameras offer built-in infrared illumination.

Easier management

The Avigilon Unity Video platform provides a simplified screen layout, intuitive controls and easier monitoring across the school district.

Smart technology

Avigilon Self-Learning Video Analytics recognize and detect the movements of people and vehicles on school campuses.

An ecosystem of security

Motorola Solutions XPR 3500e radios work with Avigilon software for integrated security at GCSD.

Unified and innovative school security

Georgetown deployed a complete Avigilon solution to help mitigate misconduct while offering greater ease of use for school staff, faculty and law enforcement officials.

Challenge: Updating a legacy system

South Carolina’s Georgetown County School District found itself with an outdated security system that had gaps in coverage and offered little reliability. With the increased safety risks to their approximately 9,500 students and staff throughout its 10 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, 4 high schools, career center and adult education center, the district knew it was time for a change.

Solution: Integrated security

To enhance security across its numerous campuses, GCSD deployed a complete video security and critical communications solution, including Motorola Solutions XPR 3500e radios and over 1,000 Avigilon cameras, as well as Avigilon Unity Video software. Together, the systems help school officials seamlessly improve operations from the time an emergency call is placed until after an incident is resolved.

Result: Smarter security

Since GCSD’s complete Avigilon and Motorola Solutions system was deployed, its advanced capabilities have benefited all of the departments that rely on it. School administrators have reported that Avigilon Unity Video software is easy to use and that it has given them a greater ability to collaborate with the district office in real-time when reviewing video of events, while Avigilon Self-Learning Video Analytics have expedited searches by presenting them with the desired information in a timely fashion.

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