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Prioritizing safety at Fulton County Schools

Fulton County Schools (FCS) deployed the Motorola Solutions Safe Schools technology ecosystem, including Avigilon video security and access control, to ensure safety across their district.

Exceptional image quality

The Avigilon cameras provide exceptional video quality so security teams can clearly see events taking place across their sites.

Unified technology

By combining Unity Video and Unity Access, users can verify access control alarms with video for enhanced situational awareness.

AI-powered video analytics

Avigilon Next-Generation Video Analytics is powered by AI to deliver actionable results that improve safety and security.

Two-way communication

The Motorola Solutions APX™ P25 two-way radios allow teams to remain in constant communication during incident responses.

School Safety & Security | Fulton County School District

Watch this video to learn how Fulton County School keeps over 97,000 students and 14,000 staff safe using a complete Avigilon system, including Unity Video featuring Appearance Search technology.

A solution that passes with flying colors

Discover how Fulton County Schools utilized Avigilon video security and access control solutions to solidify security across the district and ensure the safety of students and staff.

Challenge: Create a safe learning environment

Securing more than 100 buildings is no easy feat, but it’s of utmost importance to the Department of Safety and Security at Fulton, which also includes the School Police and Student Health Services and Emergency. With above-average student incident rates and student disciplinary concerns at some schools, upgrades to the security system were needed to allow better local and remote monitoring in important areas.

Solution: End-to-end security system

With Motorola Solutions Safe School technology ecosystem, FCS has enhanced safety and security across its district.

  • Fast search for faster response

    FCS security has used Appearance Search to efficiently search for a person or vehicle across all cameras on its sites when responding to a critical event.

  • Exceptional image quality

    The high-resolution Avigilon cameras provide the level of image detail needed, even in low-light environments, to use as evidence in investigations.

  • Ecosystem enhances situational awareness

    Motorola Solutions Safe Schools ecosystem, which includes video security, access control and two-way radios, allows the security team to stay connected.

Result: The security ecosystem delivers

One of the biggest security challenges we face is our ability to reliably monitor important areas throughout our schools, especially during an emergency. Our Avigilon system not only provides exceptional image quality, but advanced video analytics like Avigilon Appearance Search technology as well, and that saves us valuable time and effort — ultimately making our schools a safer place.” – Paul Hildreth

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