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Helping schools build a brighter future

After recognizing that their legacy security system was outdated, the school district deployed an Avigilon solution that offers the capabilities they need to keep students, faculty and staff safe.

Efficient management

Avigilon Unity Video allows users to analyze live and recorded footage to monitor the campus and investigate incidents.

Unified security solution

By combining Unity Video and Unity Access, users can verify access control alarms with video for enhanced situational awareness.

Powerful search

Avigilon Appearance Search allows you to locate persons of interest quickly and easily using certain physical descriptions.

Two-way communication

The MOTOTRBO two-way radios allow the easy relay of information gathered from the Avigilon solution for a faster response.

Forward-thinking security solutions

Read how Franklin Township Community School Corporation (FTCSC) deployed the Avigilon solution to help strengthen security with powerful video security and access control technologies.

Challenge: Outdated system hinders safety

With over 10,000 students and more than 1,300 staff, maintaining a safe learning environment and mitigating risk is a huge priority for FTCSC. Recognizing that their security cameras were outdated, the school district worked to install a system that offers the capabilities they need to ensure safety. FTCSC sought to gain exceptional image quality, powerful zoom control and longer video retention times to help them strengthen security and avoid the various costs associated with security incidents.

Solution: Top-of-class security system

By installing an Avigilon solution, FTCSC improved security across its campus and created an environment conducive to learning.

  • Faster responses to incidents

    Avigilon video analytics help to detect and alert the security team of potential threats so they can respond quickly and bring the event to a safe conclusion.

  • Lockdown capability provides assurance

    With Avigilon Unity Access, FTCSC can see the state of all doors throughout their district and can lock and unlock doors as needed with the push of a button.

  • Budget-friendly solution

    FTCSC found that its Avigilon system helped alleviate the concern of recurring costs since the software does not have annual licensing fees.

Result: A solution that achieves top marks

From better behavior to fewer budgetary considerations, FTCSC has gained significant benefits from its Avigilon and Motorola Solutions system. By deploying security solutions that meet its schools today and are designed to grow with the needs of tomorrow, the district is confident in its ability to keep its students, staff and faculty safe both now and in the future.

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