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Technology that’s easy to manage

Davis Jewelers required an advanced security system to protect its valuable merchandise but needed a solution that staff could easily manage while staying focused on customer service.

Proactive alerts

Facial recognition technology notifies staff if a known perpetrator is detected entering the store to help prevent theft.

Video search made easy

Appearance Search allows staff to sort through hours of video with ease to find specific individuals and evidence in recorded video.

Greater coverage

The H4 Multisensor features three or four individually-adjustable camera sensors that can be positioned to monitor a 360-degree view.

Authorized access

The H4 Video Intercom allows staff to remotely identify, communicate with and authorize access for individuals at their door.

Intelligent security solutions

Read how Davis Jewelers deployed an Avigilon security system to deter crime and mitigate risk without compromising customer experience.

Challenge: Heightened security needs

The jewelry business comes with certain security risks. To help ensure the safety of its staff and property, Davis Jewelers sought an intelligent security solution, including the ability to capture high-quality video, record it on a centralized platform accessible across multiple devices, and track persons and vehicles of interest both in real-time and retroactively.

Solution: A preventative approach to security

Davis Jewelers chose an Avigilon security system to help mitigate risks and provide seamless, centralized security monitoring for the whole team.

  • Enhanced awareness

    The H4 Video Intercom and external cameras allow employees to see and speak with people at the back door to streamline the delivery process and keep staff safe.

  • Insight from anywhere

    Whether on desktop or mobile, Avigilon Unity Video allows employees to view video feeds wherever they are — be that on the sales floor or behind the scenes.

  • Exceptional image quality

    The superior image quality of Avigilon video security cameras enables Davis Jewelers to safeguard high-priced merchandise and know its whereabouts at all times.

Result: Effective protection

Davis Jewelers has gained greater coverage of its exterior while maintaining discreet video security inside the store. Even after hours, the team receives alerts and push notifications to their devices whenever the security system’s built-in video analytics flags an anomaly. With this proactive solution, the team at Davis Jewelers can identify suspicious activity around their building — and in the event criminal activity takes place, they can supply crystal-clear video evidence to the authorities.

Have questions? We can help

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