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Best-in-class for a leading business school

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) deployed a comprehensive, non-invasive security solution capable of monitoring the movement of large numbers of people over wide areas to deter crime.

Intelligent video analytics

Avigilon Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) technology uses advanced AI to reveal events that could otherwise go unnoticed.

Efficient management

Avigilon Unity Video allows quick and easy review of live or recorded video with a simplified screen layout and intuitive controls.

License plate recognition

With LPR technology, it automatically reads license plate information and links it to live and recorded video for fast searches.

Sharp video clarity

The Avigilon cameras deliver crystal-clear imagery so security operators can see exactly what is happening across their site.

Providing a safe, welcoming campus for all

Discover how CBS utilized Avigilon video security technology to deter crime and manage large crowds without detracting from the school’s inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.

Challenge: Solve an old issue with new technology

Pickpocketing and minor acts of mischief were diminishing the sense of safety and security among CBS’s students, faculty and staff. CBS decided that the school needed a new security solution. It had to be comprehensive but non-invasive, deterring crime without detracting from the school’s inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. Most importantly, CBS had to be capable of monitoring the movement of large numbers of people, picking up on unusual activity and keeping track of potential suspects.

Solution: Comprehensive video security

With the Avigilon Unity solution, CBS is better prepared to monitor safety and large numbers of people on its campus.

  • Monitor suspects with ease

    Avigilon video analytics allowed security staff to identify possible offenders and follow their movements across campus — both retroactively and in real-time.

  • Instant alerts to unusual activity

    The Avigilon cameras with UMD technology enable operators to be alerted to events and activities that deviate from the norm.

  • Efficient investigations

    Should an incident occur, the security team can use Unity Video to analyze what happened and retrieve the evidence required for further action.

Result: A safer place for the community

There have been far fewer thefts on the CBS campus since its new security system was installed, as well as several other significant benefits. Minor inefficiencies were identified and remedied, such as issues arising from staff locking facilities incorrectly and alarms being triggered unnecessarily.

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