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Bringing safety and speed to retail security

To meet new regulations, Arabian Centres deployed Avigilon security cameras, network video recorders and Avigilon Unity Video software.

Superior image detail

Offering ultra-high resolutions up to 61 MP, Avigilon security cameras provided the level of image clarity Arabian Centres needed.

Intuitive and user-friendly

Avigilon Unity Video streamlines workflows and enhances the way security teams manage and interact with video footage.

Reliable storage

Avigilon NVRs include pre-installed Unity Video software, high-performance recording technology and dedicated support.

Intelligent analytics

Self-Learning Video Analytics recognize the movements of people and vehicles while ignoring motion that is not relevant to a scene.

Quality technology that meets regulations

Learn how Avigilon solutions allowed Arabian Centres to meet compliance standards and enhance security with a robust video security system.

Challenge: Quickly adapt to new regulations

Local security standards for video surveillance in retail establishments increased, requiring higher image quality and performance. Arabian Centres needed to meet those new requirements quickly to ensure their malls were up to code in order to continue operations.

Solution: Leading video security technology

Avigilon Unity offered exceptional image clarity, robust storage solutions and software to manage the system with ease.

  • Expansive coverage

    Over 350 Avigilon video security cameras were installed across twelve locations.

  • Centralized management

    All cameras run on the Avigilon Unity platform, allowing the security team to monitor and manage all its malls from a central location.

  • Fully scalable

    With plans to expand their operations, the scalability and versatility of the Avigilon product portfolio offered Arabian Centres a future-proof system.

Result: A compliant video security system

With the adoption of Avigilon Unity video security solutions, Arabian Centres met all security compliance laws across Saudi Arabia. Avigilon cameras provided the image detail and quality that police required, and Arabian Centres passed their inspections without issue.

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