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A security solution for a one-of-a-kind school

The school needed video coverage with enough clarity to decipher American Sign Language, an access control system that could be centrally operated and real-time alerts of critical events on campus.

Exceptional image clarity

Avigilon video security cameras provide context when incidents occur so administrators can address the situation accordingly.

Fast video search

Avigilon Appearance Search sorts through hours of video with ease to quickly locate a specific person or vehicle of interest.

Flexible access control

Custom schedules in Avigilon Unity Access make it easy to move across campus during the day and provide alerts after hours.

AI-powered video analytics

Unusual Motion Detection leverages AI to learn what normal activity looks like within a scene, then flags anomalies for review.

Adding clarity to school security

See how Avigilon Unity’s integrated video security and access control system provided the American School for the Deaf with the capabilities they need to keep students safe around the clock.

Challenge: Create a safe learning environment

Designed exclusively for deaf and hard-of-hearing students, and with both residential and live on-campus programs, it is essential for the American School for the Deaf to maintain a secure learning environment. The school sought expansive video coverage that provided enough clarity to decipher American Sign Language (ASL), an access control system that could be centrally operated and real-time alerts of potentially critical events on campus.

Solution: An end-to-end system

Keeping students who live on-campus safe requires video security and access control, and Avigilon Unity offered a complete solution.

  • Unified technology

    Live video is displayed alongside access control alarms, making it faster and easier to verify the identity of a person.

  • Intelligent analytics

    AI-powered video analytics alert staff of incidents and allow them to quickly search through video when looking for a specific person or event that occurred.

  • User-friendly and intuitive

    Avigilon Unity’s interface is easy to learn, allowing more staff to be trained to manage the system and supervise the students.

Result: Enhanced awareness

Staff are alerted to incidents much faster than before, allowing them to quickly and proactively intervene.

  • Exceptional image quality

    Clear video footage allows staff to read ASL when reviewing incidents so they can address conduct issues and keep students on track with their development plans.

  • Round-the-clock access control

    Staff can centrally monitor entry and exit points across campus, making it easier to keep students who live on campus safe, especially after hours.

  • Growing with the school

    As the school continues to welcome new students, the open-platform system can easily scale and integrate with new additions.

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