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Avigilon Video Archive

Avigilon Video Archive

Cost-Effective Storage for Petabytes of Video

225 TB
488 TB
751 TB
1 PB
1.3 PB
1.5 PB

The Avigilon Video Archive is a high-capacity video storage expansion solution for security and IT teams to cost-effectively retain petabytes (PB) of video and comply with video retention policies and industry regulations. Fully integrated with Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software and Avigilon Network Video Recorders (NVRs), the Avigilon Video Archive simplifies the design, set-up and management of video storage.



Simplifies management of multiple petabytes of video data and provides system health status in the ACC dashboard or through Avigilon Cloud Services.


Delivers a cost-effective and scalable solution that grows with your organization, featuring enterprise-grade drives from 225 TB to 1.5 PB per NVR.


Built-in Erasure Coding technology outperforms traditional JBOD and RAID storage systems to deliver superior reliability and near zero downtime, helping to ensure video archives are preserved for swift on-demand retrieval and review.


Extends the storage capacity of NVRs seamlessly, and supports MultiPath Input Output (MPIO) to eliminate single point of failure while load balancing across redundant NVR connections.

Form Factor Overview

 Avigilon Video Archive
Form Factor 5U Rackmount – Head Unit 5U Rackmount – Expansion Unit
Storage Capacity
225 TB
488 TB
751 TB
263 TB
526 TB
789 TB
Max. Drive Bays 84 x 3.5"
Max. NVRs Supported 4
NVR Models Supported
NVR4X Standard
NVR4X Premium
Data Protection Erasure Coding
Warranty Options

Backed by Next Business Day On-Site Support and “Keep Your Drive” Option

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Avigilon Video Archive
Avigilon Video Archive

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Avigilon Video Archive Datasheet

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White Papers

Avigilon Video Archive White Paper
Part Number Description Capacity Form Factor
AVA-HED1-225TB Avigilon Video Archive Head Unit 225 TB 5U Rackmount
AVA-HED1-488TB Avigilon Video Archive Head Unit 488 TB 5U Rackmount
AVA-HED1-751TB Avigilon Video Archive Head Unit 751 TB 5U Rackmount
AVA-EXP1-263TB Avigilon Video Archive Expansion Unit 263 TB 5U Rackmount
AVA-EXP1-526TB Avigilon Video Archive Expansion Unit 526 TB 5U Rackmount
AVA-EXP1-789TB Avigilon Video Archive Expansion Unit 789 TB 5U Rackmount
AVA-HDD1-263TB Avigilon Video Archive, Expansion Disk Pack 263 TB