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Seamless integration with Ambi​ent​.ai

Turn Unity Access events into prioritized, actionable alerts with the help of computer vision intelligence.

Smart & More Powerful Together

Ambient automates the manual effort needed for visual verification, enabling security operation centers to respond to incidents ten times faster. With Ambi​ent​.ai and Unity Access, unactionable alerts are minimized, security events are prioritized and the SOC is empowered to proactively intervene before incidents escalate.

Integration Benefits

  • Respond 10x faster

    Automate the manual visual verification process by enabling security operations centers to respond to incidents ten times faster.

  • Remove up to 95% of noisy alerts

    Advanced threat detection pre-verifies alerts, removing up to 95% of noisy alerts to ensure that every alert is actionable.

  • Facilitate swifter responses

    Get contextualized events along with corresponding video clips in near real-time to facilitate swifter responses to security breaches.


View additional resources to support your Avigilon integration.

User Guide

Explore the user guide to learn more about the integration and how to configure it within Unity Access.


Learn more about the Avigilon Unity and Signals Intelligence integration.

Demo Video

See the Unity Access and Signals Intelligence integration in action.

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