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Powering flexible, remote security

Robin, a workplace experience software company, is all about flexibility.

Cloud-based acces

Alta’s cloud-based access control dashboard gives Robin the flexibility to manage their entire security platform remotely.

Remote unlock

Instead of resetting user permissions for one-off requests, the Robin team can unlock the door on their device in a single click.

Wave to Unlock

The team loves “the magic of a totally touchless experience” when opening their doors with Alta’s hands-free mobile credentials.

Amazing interface

Alta provides a totally seamless experience for Robin, from deployment, to onboarding users, to everyday use and management.

Technology built for the modern workplace

Learn how Avigilon Alta’s open, cloud-based platform helped Robin facilitate touchless office access in a multi-tenant building with an existing legacy access control system.

Challenge: Improve remote visibility

Employees reserve their desks via Robin’s scheduling platform, and the company promotes a distributed work culture. But their multi-tenant building’s access control system was holding them back. With limited visibility, they were struggling to audit security issues, and it was taking weeks to get reports back.

Another challenge: credentialing. The legacy provider’s physical badges take days to process, print and issue, meaning people were sometimes locked out for up to a week.

Solution: Cloud-based ingenuity

With Alta’s mobile access control solution, Robin has full visibility into who is accessing the office, and can manage the system remotely.

  • Flexible access methods

    With Alta’s mobile credentials, the onboarding and offboarding process is seamless and instant — no more waiting around for badges.

  • Real-time security alerts

    Robin uses automatic alerts for access events like door ajar and failed authentication to proactively assist employees or address security concerns.

  • Compliant multi-tenant access control

    With the detailed reporting available 24/7 in the Alta Control Center, Robin can adhere to their facility’s IT compliance standards.

Enhancing workplace safety

Cloud-based management played a critical role in keeping Robin open during the pandemic. They utilized group credential suspension, only reactivating users who pass a health screening, and cross-referenced Alta’s access data with their own reservation tool to expedite cleaning and contact tracing efforts. Plus, Wave to Unlock makes entering the space a fully touchless experience. According to Gregory, everyone feels safer with Avigilon Alta.”

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