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Securing sites, staff and goods on a large scale

To strengthen safety and comply with government regulations, the Port of Guaymas installed the complete Avigilon security solution, including advanced video security and access control.

Flexible scene coverage

The Avigilon Multisensor camera provides flexible scene coverage with up to 360-degree views from a single vantage point.

Easy review of footage

Avigilon Unity Video enhances the review of live or recorded video with a simplified screen layout that saves the operator’s time.

Secure restricted areas

Avigilon Unity Access provides an additional layer of security to restrict areas on the site to unauthorized personnel.

Faster investigations

The clear video evidence provided by Unity Video enables the port to investigate incidents and liability claims.

Setting a new standard for port security

Find out how the Port of Guaymas bolstered security and safety while meeting strict government regulations with a unified, end-to-end security solution from Avigilon.

Challenge: Securing a large-scale port

In recent years, the legacy video security system was severely affected by environmental factors, which degraded the safety and security of the port. A robust system was needed to allow the port to closely monitor its perimeter and help prevent the theft of materials and potential drug trafficking. The port’s team also recognized that a new system could help them overcome other challenges, such as streamlining their container fulfillment processes and reducing false liability claims.

Solution: A complete security solution

With the help of Avigilon, the Port of Guaymas is able to achieve its security objectives with room to grow for the future needs.

  • Detailed and accurate monitoring

    The range of high-resolution Avigilon cameras deployed offers highly detailed image quality, built-in Self-Learning Video Analytics and durability.

  • Site-wide coverage

    With up to 360-degree views from a single vantage point, the Avigilon Multisensor camera maximizes scene coverage while minimizing blind spots.

  • Superior control of access

    Avigilon Unity Access helps to secure physical access points throughout the extensive premises at the Port of Guaymas.

Result: A scalable solution that delivers

Exceptional coverage and efficient system management have been key factors in the upgrade of the port’s security solution. By deploying an Avigilon system that includes cameras with wide-area coverage and user-friendly video management software, the Port of Guaymas is able to proactively achieve its security objectives today with room to grow for the needs of tomorrow.

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