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Creating premium experiences with access

Avigilon Alta allows the national coworking space operator to connect different security systems and manage them in one place to boost efficiency and increase ROI.


Novel Coworking eliminates lost revenue by connecting their billing system with Avigilon Alta access data.

Seamless installation

Avigilon's plug-and-play wiring design allows efficient installation and an effortless full-building deployment.

Keyless access

Alta’s touchless access and convenient mobile credentials offer an elevated experience for Novel Coworking clients.

Connected security for coworking spaces

Learn how Avigilon Alta allows Novel Coworking to connect multiple systems for effortless management and increased revenue, while elevating user experience by providing seamless access.

Challenge: Outdated, siloed systems

Novel Coworking is a national operator specializing in short-term and coworking leases. The company prioritizes flexibility and premium experiences in every aspect of their business. With a constantly-rotating roster of tenants and conference spaces with hourly rentals, managing users was becoming a huge pain point. Key cards were too cumbersome and didn’t align with the elevated feel of Novel’s spaces. Office managers were also hitting roadblocks with tracking who was using which spaces.

Solution: Flexible, open architecture

Avigilon Alta simplifies security management and installation, and offers an improved user experience for Novel Coworking clients.

  • Effortless installation

    Avigilon makes it simple and efficient to install the Alta system without disrupting the current tenants’ workflow or adjusting operating hours.

  • Easy integrations with open API

    Connecting Alta to their billing software, space rentals are tied directly to access activities, allowing Novel to instantly bill clients for their time.

  • Enhanced user experience

    Alta’s mobile credentials give Novel clients touchless, frictionless access and eliminates the need to issue costly physical credentials.

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