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Keyless access helps future-proof smart labs

Avigilon Alta meets the security demands of cutting-edge labs while reducing costs with flexible management and infinite scalability.

Remote lab management

Avigilon Alta’s cloud-based platform is scalable for more efficient and effective management, reducing cost and increasing ROI.

Modular agility

Avigilon gives LabFellows the flexibility to scale and right-size smart lab workspaces for different research purposes.

Lab compliance

Members are assured that their intellectual property is protected and only authorized individuals have access to secure spaces.

Touchless credentials

It’s easy to set up the mobile credentials for a keyless access experience and issue custom Guest Passes for vendors.

Streamlining security for smart labs

Read how Avigilon Alta simplifies security for LabFellows with remote access while strengthening safety with mobile credentials and occupancy tracking.

Challenge: Future-proof lab environments

With research being a 24/7 industry, HomeLab members need to be able to access their labs at any time. Reduced occupancy guidelines and heightened safety concerns during the pandemic meant members needed the option for non-scientist lab personnel to work remotely, while still keeping the lab going. With more than 33 locations across the US, LabFellows was looking for a scalable access control solution that could help operators do their best work without compromising safety or convenience.

Solution: Agile, remote access

HomeLabs partnered with LabFellows, an integrated lab management platform, to find the right security system for smart labs. Looking for a future-proof solution to secure highly controlled spaces, they landed on Avigilon Alta for its ability to treat the laboratories as modular spaces with custom access permissions. With a flexible and efficient system, the resources spent on security can now be allocated to create opportunities to fund more research and speed up development for critical life sciences innovations. Avigilon Alta also allows the labs to scale beyond incubator and accelerator spaces to entire life science buildings and campuses.

Result: Simplified, strengthened security

Avigilon Alta streamlines processes for smart lab workspaces with mobile technology and flexible management while enhancing safety.

  • Improved safety with occupancy tracking

    Remote access helps manage occupancy in the lab, which is a key component of health and safety.

  • Better management with mobile

    The mobile system allows operators to instantly issue credentials, adjust permissions and unlock doors from anywhere.

  • Easy access for members and visitors

    Researchers have 100% keyless entry to their workspaces, and mobile Guest Passes give managers visibility over visitor access.

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