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Meeting the access demands of a 24/7 office

Avigilon makes it easy for a media company with bi-coastal offices to provide secure, frictionless access to employees and visitors with mobile credentials and remote management.

Sleek design

The modern look of the Avigilon reader fits in effortlessly with the office space to give a positive first impression to visitors.

Mobile credentials

A mobile-enabled system lets Hawke Media spend their time welcoming employees instead of opening doors or issuing guest passes.

Ease of use

Avigilon allows Hawke Media to maintain a high level of security while streamlining security procedures.

Easy integrations

By integrating Avigilon with Envoy for visitor management, operators are able to use the Slack messaging app to grant access.

Cool and innovative

Minimal admin costs for a multi-site office

With Avigilon, Hawke Media can easily administer access to new employees across their Los Angeles and New York offices.

Versatile security for a multi-site media office

See how Avigilon gives Hawke Media the flexibility to allow employees access during off-hours while maintaining robust security.

Challenge: Flexible access

Hawke Media finds gaps in their clients’ marketing strategies and comes up with full-service solutions to deliver better results. For their office, Hawke Media wanted a security system that was welcoming and innovative. They required flexibility from an access control system to meet their employees’ irregular work schedule and to easily manage frequent office visitors. With offices in Los Angeles and New York, and planning to expand, finding a scalable system was essential.

Solution: Remote management

Avigilon provides strengthened security for a multi-site office and gives frictionless access for employees and guests.

  • Employee access at all hours

    With mobile credentials, Alta gives Hawke Media employees flexible access to come to the office early or work after-hours.

  • Open doors from anywhere in the world

    From an intuitive platform, employees can be granted access to offices in other locations with the touch of a button.

  • Convenient visitor access

    The Alta integration with Envoy allows operators to send cloud keys to visitors, giving them the ability to open doors from a web browser.

Have questions? We can help

Our video security experts can help you implement the right security system for your business.