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Fueling Alabama Power’s innovative security

Exceptional image clarity and intelligent video analytics help the security team detect trespassers and assess incidents so they can quickly take action.

AI-powered alerts

Unusual Motion Detection leverages AI to learn what normal activity looks like within a scene, then flags anomalies for review.

Enhanced visibility

Infrared technology provides exceptional image quality, even in low light or harsh weather conditions.

Remote monitoring

The ability to remotely view video feeds and ensure all cameras are up and running streamlines the management of numerous dispersed substations.

Intelligent interface

Potential threats are highlighted on the Avigilon Unity Video interface so you can easily see where action is required.

Protecting the grid to help keep the lights on

Learn how Alabama Power implemented Avigilon Unity technology to enhance perimeter protection, detect security threats faster and manage multiple sites from a remote location.

Challenge: Securing remote, distributed sites

With so many substations distributed across such a vast area, threats such as trespassing, vandalism and sabotage were always top of mind for Alabama Power’s security team. Their goal was to implement high-quality camera installations at all their worksites, unifying the entire system so that even the most remote locations could be monitored from a centralized, analytics-enabled platform. To achieve this, they looked to Avigilon Unity technology.

Solution: AI-powered video security

A video security solution with analytic capabilities on both the cameras and VMS provided Alabama Power with the insights it needed.

  • Expansive video coverage

    Over 4,000 Avigilon video security cameras were installed across Alabama Power’s various facilities to help secure its numerous sites.

  • Immediate threat detection

    When analytics detect a potential threat, the associated video feed is highlighted in the Unity Video VMS so the operator can quickly review and initiate a response.

  • Centralized security management

    The Unity Video system allows Alabama Power’s security team to monitor and manage all sites from a central location.

Result: Faster response when threats arise

The detection and assessment time for security threats dropped significantly, enabling law enforcement to apprehend perpetrators.

  • Fewer false alerts

    Unusual Motion Detection leverages AI to understand what normal activity looks like in a scene and then flag anomalies, resulting in fewer false video alerts.

  • A clear picture of events

    Avigilon video security cameras provide reliable coverage, leveraging infrared technology so operators can see through darkness and harsh weather conditions.

  • Saving time for operators

    The ability to remotely monitor and manage the system reduced the amount of travel needed to ensure the system stays up and running.

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