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Businesses within the hospitality and hotel industry all want to create a safe, secure, and welcoming environment for everyone and anyone that visits. For guests to be worry-free and leave with happy memories, security should always be a top priority.

One major element of hospitality security systems to ensure property and people are protected is hotel security cameras. When installing a security cameras in motels or hotel properties, it’s important to understand the benefits and use cases for this type of system.

In this guide, you’ll learn why modern hotel security camera systems are a must-have for any business in the sector, and see what features you need for the security system in your hotel. 

How do hotel security camera systems improve safety?

For any type of hospitality environment, including motels, resorts, inns or any other paid lodging accommodation, hotel video security systems are an important investment. 

Gives operators 24/7 visibility across the property

One defining factor of hotel and resort security systems is the need for 24/7 operation, since guests are always coming and going. Hotel cameras are strategically placed at access points, giving operators clear visibility of everyone who is entering and leaving. And, thanks to evolving technology like cloud-based IP cameras, hotel CCTV systems are now more effective than ever. 

While security systems in hotels are important, it’s equally vital for motel or resort security cameras to be unobtrusive so guests still feel welcomed. Fortunately, modern hospitality security vendors now offer more discreet security camera solutions, such as flush-mounted fisheye cameras, for reliable hotel video security.

Hospitality and hotel venues are especially vulnerable to breaches at night, considering guests will need access to the property at all hours. Installing a security system in inns or in a hotel is a great way for hotel operators to keep an eye on the property, especially with cameras that have adaptive infrared technology for better visibility in the dark. 

Additionally, thanks to forward-thinking technology, those operating a hospitality security camera system no longer need to be sitting at a specific workstation to monitor the entire property. Instead, thanks to the introduction of security cameras with cloud storage, operators can now access and view footage in real-time, remotely, from wherever they are. Thanks to AI and secure internet connection, the operator can spend less time watching the screen and instead use their time efficiently responding to footage as and when they receive an alert or notification.

Cost-effective hotel security cameras

The Avigilon H5A Fisheye Camera is ideal for hospitality environments, providing 360° panoramic views with high-resolution video to improve situational awareness, and equipped with Next Generation Video Analytics, powered by Motorola Solutions.

Acts as a deterrent to prevent unauthorized visitors from entering

Hospitality video security can act as a deterrent to prevent any unauthorized visitors from entering the hotel, motel or inn, as most criminals won’t want to be caught on camera. While lobby areas are generally open to the public, security cameras for a hotel, motel, inn, or a security system in resorts can enhance and support the work of physical security personnel to protect areas that are restricted to guests or staff only.

For motel security cameras and hospitality security systems to deter potential criminals, they must be more visible. It’s recommended to install larger hospitality security cameras on the outside of the property, as well as signage to let unauthorized individuals know the property is under video surveillance. 

Increased hotel parking lot security and efficiency

Hotel parking lots are often a target for theft and crime. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) revealed that 932,329 vehicles were reported stolen to law enforcement in 2021. With vehicles often left unattended for long stretches of time, hotel parking lot security cameras can help deter crime, and provide a safer environment for hotel guests. 

Depending on the size and structure of your hotel parking lot, you may want to consider different types of cameras or security systems. Dome hotel parking lot security cameras can provide wider coverage, while license plate capture cameras can help hospitality operators identify vehicles involved in any incidents. 

Additionally, it’s recommended to require guests to validate in order to park, either by scanning a hotel key card or through a gate system. This can help hotel management oversee parking activity, resulting in efficient parking operations and improved guest satisfaction.

Detection of unusual activity and motion

Hotels and resorts are large properties and it’s often difficult to oversee every area at once.  Thanks to improvements in AI technology, hotel security camera users can now be notified if any unusual activity is detected. Resort security cameras that come equipped with built-in analytics boost security, improving the response speed and accuracy of your incident response team. 

AI technology helps teams know where to focus their attention, making hotel video security system operation more efficient. Plus, with advanced video management systems and remote operation, it’s easier to search for specific incidents and locate video feeds for liability claims or law enforcement.

Promote a safe and secure environment

Hotels are often hotspots for theft, so giving guests a sense that their possessions are secure with the use of business security cameras is paramount to the success of any hospitality business. Professional installation of hotel video cameras can increase the confidence of guests, which in turn will help boost the reputation of the venue. After all, with hospitality and hotel businesses constantly battling for business, the high level of security and awareness might give people a reason to book your property over the competition.

If a crime does take place at a hospitality venue hotel or the surrounding area, the offense is likely to have been caught on a hotel security camera, and that video surveillance footage can be passed to the police as evidence for a formal investigation.

What are other components of modern hotel security systems?

Hotel access integrations

Taking hotel security systems up a notch, hospitality video and access control integration allows cameras and access locks to work together simultaneously. Integration between the two hotel security systems makes identifying unauthorized access easier, while helping to manage any potential security risks to a hotel or hospitality venue.

Hotel security cameras should be positioned throughout the accommodation when access needs to be restricted. For example, behind reception counters, hotel parking lots or offices where financial information is stored. Clear, high-quality hospitality hotel video security enables operators to act quickly at the first sign of unauthorized access to identify the individual in question, and maintain a detailed record of access activity with visual verification. 

This type of integration can also make hotel management easier, allowing security teams and operators to verify staff, vendors or guests and remotely unlock entries from an authorized device without having to be on the property. 

Wireless locking solutions

One way to ensure a great guest experience without sacrificing security is to install wireless locking solutions throughout your hotel. Ideal for businesses within the hotel and hospitality sector, mobile-enabled and wireless hotel door locks let guests and staff bypass the traditional keycard system and use their phone or a secure PIN to open doors. These locks are great for hotel gym security systems, spas and pools, conference rooms, and can even be installed on commercial security doors like hotel room doors.

Integrated with the large hotel security system, this option can help secure staff-only areas or even entire floors for restricted access, enhancing security in and around the premises.

Hotel alarms and sensors 

It’s important to consider the types of alarms and sensors needed for a motel or inn security system, too. While local regulations and building codes will require fire alarms and emergency safety systems, there are additional security systems for hotels that can enhance safety on the premises.

In addition to resort security cameras, a good hotel security system will also have sensors that can help detect intrusions, alert staff to smoking violations and notify teams to potentially hazardous conditions, such as water or gas leaks.

Where should hotel security cameras be installed?

With many areas to monitor, placing video security systems in hotel or resort locations can be confusing. It’s important to also know about hotel security camera laws before installing a system on your property. 

It’s essential to remember that hotel security cameras, hospitality security cameras, inn security cameras and resort security cameras are designed to help keep a hotel or similar facilities safe, secure and protected – without intruding on guests’ privacy. In the United States, it is illegal to record hotel guests without their consent or knowledge. For that reason, hotel security cameras should be placed in public areas like lobbies and amenity spaces, but should never be installed in individual rooms, changing areas, or private guest spaces.

For maximum protection and visibility, consider installing hospitality video security systems that comply with hotel security camera laws in the following areas: 

  • Lobbies and entrances 
  • Hotel parking lots and garages 
  • Elevators and stairwells
  • Pools and gyms 
  • Conference rooms and business centers 
  • Hotel restaurants and bars 
  • Loading docks and service entrances 

Make sure to enlist the help of a professional security camera installer or more general commercial security system installer when it comes to deploying a reliable security camera system in your hotel or motel. A professional will be able to explain hotel security camera laws in your area, and know where to place a wired or wireless hotel security camera in line with local laws and regulations to get maximum protection and surveillance without blind spots.

Most hotel operators know the importance of protecting their property and people, and installing hospitality and motel security cameras is an essential element in a forward-thinking, reliable security system.

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