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7K Image Performance Technology

7K Image Performance Technology

The Industry's First 7K Camera

High resolution imaging provides clear, sharp HD images to maximize situational awareness over a larger area while at the same time enabling detailed image capture to zoom in on critical items such as faces or license plates.

The Industry's First 7K Camera

Avigilon 7K H4 Pro camera is the security industry's first single-sensor 30 megapixel (7K) security camera. It delivers stunning image detail even in extreme lighting conditions and provides the coverage area of 99 traditional VGA resolution cameras. The 7K H4 Pro camera keeps storage and bandwidth requirements low through seamless integration with our patented High Definition Stream Management (HDSM)™ 2.0 technology.

Built with large areas in mind, the 7K camera joins our family of 4K, 5K and 6K H4 Pro cameras. Monitor a full stadium and capture fan disruptions to help comply with mandatory government regulations. Cover a full parking lot and simultaneously see license plates. Or cover the entire tarmac of an airport while still being able to distinguish plane numbers. Regardless of your coverage needs, Avigilon H4 Pro cameras provide the power and detail you need to help keep your environment safe and secure.

High Definition is About More than the Camera

HD cameras alone are not enough — the rest of your system must deliver the scalability, decoding, bandwidth and storage to handle HD, without sacrificing resolution. To address these challenges, Avigilon has developed HDSM™ 2.0 patented technology that drastically reduces server-client bandwidth requirements and makes optimal use of your computing and storage resources.

That means that even with many high resolution cameras deployed across multiple sites, security personnel aren't stuck watching a spinning icon on the screen as a video image loads. Instead they can manage all of their live and recorded HD video and see results rapidly — without sacrificing resolution — for faster response time.

See the 7K H4 Pro Camera in Action

Time-Lapse Video: Pushing the Limits

To showcase the remarkable capabilities of the 7K, Avigilon hired Ryan Emond, a renowned time-lapse photographer, to develop a video featuring some of the most iconic and beautiful cities in the US and Canada. His mission: to create something captivating, timeless and beautiful, using only the 7K camera. From the rooftops of six major metropolises, Ryan captured stunningly clear images of dawn to dusk in Toronto, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, New York City and Vancouver. The results were extraordinary.