Open-Platform Integration

Open-Platform Integration

Leverage Your Existing Resources and Investments

Avigilon solutions are built on an open platform, giving you the flexibility you need to leverage existing resources and investments. As a full member of ONVIF®, we design many of our products to meet open standards for easy interoperability with third-party software and hardware. You can either build new, custom integrations using our feature-rich software development kits (SDKs) and application programming interfaces (APIs) or leverage existing integrations that are ready to use. Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software (VMS) and hardware helps ensure that you are not locked into a proprietary solution.

Device Integrations

Designed with flexibility in mind, Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software recognizes any ONVIF Profile S, Profile T and Profile G conformant camera and supports features such as video streaming, two-way audio, digital I/O, motion detection, motion configuration, and edge storage and retrieval.

Software Integrations

ACC™ software supports existing integrations with third-party systems such as access control software, central stations and physical security information management systems. Avigilon Technology Partners can also develop their own integrations using a set of easy-to-use tools:

ACC SDK: Set of .NET-based libraries that allow third-party applications to view live and recorded video with High Definition Stream Management (HDSM) technology, control PTZ cameras, export video, manage alarms and more.

Web Endpoint API: Platform-independent, REST-based API to ACC servers that allows third-party applications to stream live and recorded video, monitor events, read and update alarms, control PTZ cameras, stream audio to cameras onsite and manage license plate recognition watch lists.

Central Station Notifications: Allows an ACC site to send XML-based messages using the SMTP protocol or SIA-DCS tokens protocol formatted notifications to external systems when an event of interest occurs.

Point of Sale Transaction Engine: Allows multiple streams of transactions from cash registers, ATMs, barcode scanners, or any other device that can output ASCII text information, to be associated with cameras within ACC software. This gives operators the ability to:

  • Quickly find individual transactions and view transaction information alongside live or recorded video
  • Trigger actions (like alarms, on-screen alerts, email alerts and more) when certain transaction criteria are met, using ACC rules.

Avigilon cameras are built ready-to-integrate with third-party video management systems through broadly supported, open ONVIF protocols including Profile S, Profile T, Profile G and ONVIF compliant extensions. This enables video security interactions such as video streaming, two-way audio, digital I/O, motion detection, motion configuration, edge storage and retrieval, and video analytics and events.


The Access Control Manager (ACM) system supports open-field hardware from various leading manufacturers, such as Mercury Security and HID GlobalTM. Coupled with our retrofit programs, this enables you to leverage past hardware installations, so your legacy investments won’t go to waste. The ACM™ system supports integrations with a wide range of software and hardware solutions for enhanced system capabilities, and Avigilon Technology Partners can also develop their own integrations using a set of easy-to-use tools:

ACM REST API: Displays the capabilities of ACM software to integrators and manufacturers via an easy-to-use web service, allowing them to develop custom applications on the ACM platform. The ACM REST API enables activities such as identity and token management, event management, door control, inputs and outputs, global actions, schedules and more.

Collaborations: Allows exchange of data between the ACM appliance application and a large number of other databases. The ACM system provides an easy-to-use interface for completing large-scale one-time or recurring database imports for identity management, real-time monitoring of access control events in third-party systems and more.

Product Brochures

Avigilon Open Platform Integration Brochure