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Public-Private Partnerships

Public-Private Partnerships

Avigilon Solutions for Law Enforcement and Local Businesses

Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) help establish a strong foundation of trust between law enforcement and the local businesses they serve. Our technology supports innovative and collaborative camera sharing, where businesses can integrate their security camera deployments with law enforcement operations to deliver critical insights and actionable intelligence. PPP programs help law enforcement agencies respond to incidents more quickly and accurately to ensure safer outcomes.

Autonomy and Collaboration

Easily share your cameras with law enforcement by designating the sites and cameras you want to share. Avigilon Control Center sites can be interfaced with law enforcement systems such as CommandCentral Aware by connecting them to the cloud using Avigilon Cloud Services. Alternatively, public agencies can also use the ACS web viewer to remotely access recorded video from local businesses.

End-to-End Solution

Everything you need to support your PPP program from a trusted vendor with a long heritage in public safety, including fixed video security cameras, network video or edge recorders embedded with Avigilon Control Center video management software, Avigilon Cloud Services and command center software.

Flexible and Scalable Packages

Three Avigilon PPP packages that offer flexibility to businesses, making it easy to share new or existing cameras with law enforcement systems, allowing public safety agencies to work proactively with the community.


Get Started with Your Public-Private Partnership

Flexible PPP Packages That Work For Your Business

Choose a PPP package that suits your deployment needs, whether you are integrating to new or existing cameras, and manage your own video security deployment to protect your facility, assets and people.

Cloud-Connect Your Site

Connect your Avigilon Control Center to the cloud with Avigilon Cloud Services to enable secure, remote access to your systems from anywhere.

A Robust Camera Sharing Program

Enroll in a collaborative camera sharing program, where businesses opt in to integrate their video security systems with law enforcement systems, to provide public safety agencies with extended visibility to important active incident information.

Responsible & Proactive Crime Fighting

When agencies have the right technology to streamline existing cameras from business, they can foster a safer and more connected response within the community.

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