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4-Port H.264 Analog Video Encoder

4-Port H.264 Analog Video Encoder

with Audio Support

Our video encoder is a cost-effective way to migrate your legacy analog system to a network-based IP-system. You get the benefits of a digital system while still using your analog cameras, enabling you to migrate to a fully digital system when you’re ready.

Easily Transition From Analog to Digital

Converts a standard analog video feed into a digital stream, enabling digital images to be sent over an IP network. You can then view live images on your IP network using video management software and add IP-based cameras as your budget allows.

Enjoy the Benefits of Avigilon Control Center™ Software

Connecting your analog system to an IP network gives you incredible benefits like remote viewing and monitoring, fast search, intelligent storage and powerful event management.

Exceptional Image Quality

Our advanced technology helps you get sharper, clearer images from your analog cameras at up to 30 images per second.

Support for Multiple Cameras

The Avigilon video encoder gives you full control over any analog camera connected to your network.


Audio Capabilities Available ports for external audio including sirens, microphones and/or loudspeakers for audio talk-down situations
Relay I/O Connections
Relay I/O Connections Configure input/output actions and alarms for fast event response

High-Resolution Image Gallery

Analog Video Encoder
Analog Video Encoder

Software Downloads

Camera Configuration Tool (CCT) (v APD,CCT,Encoder,H3 LPR,H3 Micro Dome,H3 Multisensor,H3 PTZ,H3/H3A H.264,H4 Fisheye,H4 IR PTZ,H4 LPC,H4 Mini Dome,H4 Multisensor,H4 Pro,H4 PTZ,H4 Thermal,H4 Thermal ETD,H4 Video Intercom,H4A,H4ES,H4SL,H5 Pro,H5A,H5A Corner,H5A Dual Head,H5A Explosion-Protected,H5A Fisheye,H5A Rugged PTZ Camera,H5A-PTZ,H5M,H5SL, EXE 1652729299 file_downloadRelease Notes file_downloadEXE File
Analog Video H.264 Encoder Firmware (v Encoder, FP,BIN 1628199084 file_downloadRelease Notes file_downloadFP File file_downloadBIN File
Analog Video H.264 Encoder MIB (v Encoder, ZIP 1628199132 file_downloadRelease Notes file_downloadZIP File

Product Datasheets

Analog Video H.264 Encoder (4-Port + Audio) Datasheet

Product Installation Guides

Analog Video Encoder Installation Guide

Product Drawing

Analog Video Encoder and Rackmount Drawing file_downloadZIP File

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The Avigilon Advantage
Part Number Form Factor Description
ENC-4P-H264 4-Port H.264 Video Encoder with 4 Audio Inputs and 4 Audio Outputs