H5A Explosion-Protected Camera Line

H5A Explosion-Protected Camera Line

Effective Operational Monitoring in Hazardous Locations

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End of Life for the Avigilon H5A Explosion-Protected camera line has been announced. See the Notice of Product Discontinuation for further details.

H5A Explosion-Protected Camera Line

Avigilon H5A Explosion-Protected cameras are certified for hazardous locations according to applicable international standards. They are purpose-built for efficient operational monitoring and control of processes in environments that face the risk of explosions due to the presence of flammable gases or dust, including oil and gas, marine, industrial and food production sites.

The cameras feature exceptional imaging that works in conditions with poor lighting, and include next generation video analytics to offer enhanced object detection, tracking and classification.

Certified for Hazardous Locations

Certified for Hazardous Locations

The H5A Explosion-Protected Camera Line is certified for explosion-rated environments across international standards.


2 MP
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Automatic IR Cut Filter Superior low-light performance and sensitivity to IR illuminators while providing true color imaging in the day
Avigilon Appearance Search support
Avigilon Appearance Search™ Support Enables our sophisticated deep learning AI search engine that enables you to quickly locate a specific person or vehicle of interest across an entire site
Expandable Storage
Expandable Storage Slot for either SD or MicroSD memory prevents loss of recorded video during network or server interruptions
Explosion Protection Heavy-duty housing custom-built for H5A cameras
HDSM SmartCodec Technology
H.264 and H.265 HDSM SmartCodec™ Technologies Combines our newest compression technologies to enhance bandwidth and storage savings
High Temperature Range Optimized to operate reliably even at increased temperature variances
High Efficiency Video Coding
High-Efficiency Video Coding Combines HEVC/H.265 video compression with HDSM SmartCodec™ technology to substantially reduce storage and bandwidth requirements while maintaining exceptional image quality
LightCatcher™ Technology Offers exceptional detail in areas with low lighting
Made to Trust We are proud to be a company that manufactures high quality products which our global customers can rely on
Multiple Form Factors Offers the flexibility to choose a form factor that works best for your application for ease of installation
Next-Generation Video Analytics
Next-Generation Video Analytics Expanded object classifications and more accurate detection in crowded scenes so you can detect faster
Onvif Compliant
ONVIF® Compliant Built on an open platform to allow integration with other security solutions
Relay I/O Connections
Relay I/O Connections Configure input/output actions and alarms for fast event response
Remote Focus & Zoom
Remote Focus & Zoom Once mounted and aimed, the zoom level can be adjusted and image can be focused remotely
Weather and Impact Rated
IP66-67 IP66/7 weather rating
Wide Dynamic Range
Wide Dynamic Range Captures details in scenes with both very bright and very dark areas

Supported Compression


High-Resolution Image Gallery

H5A Explosion-Protected Bullet Camera
H5A Explosion-Protected Bullet Camera
H5A Explosion-Protected Compact Camera
H5A Explosion-Protected Compact Camera
H5A Explosion-Protected PTZ Camera
H5A Explosion-Protected PTZ Camera

Software Downloads

Camera Configuration Tool (CCT) (v APD,CCT,Encoder,H3 LPR,H3 Micro Dome,H3 Multisensor,H3 PTZ,H3/H3A H.264,H4 Fisheye,H4 IR PTZ,H4 LPC,H4 Mini Dome,H4 Multisensor,H4 Pro,H4 PTZ,H4 Thermal,H4 Thermal ETD,H4 Video Intercom,H4A,H4ES,H4SL,H5 Pro,H5A,H5A Corner,H5A Dual Head,H5A Explosion-Protected,H5A Fisheye,H5A IR PTZ,H5A Modular,H5A Multisensor,H5A Rugged PTZ Camera,H5A-PTZ,H5M,H5SL,H6 Mini Dome, EXE 1673567361 file_downloadRelease Notes file_downloadEXE File
H5A Explosion Protected Camera Line Firmware (v H5A Explosion-Protected, FP,BIN 1673566541 file_downloadRelease Notes file_downloadFP File file_downloadBIN File
H5A Explosion Protected Camera Line MIB (v H5A Explosion-Protected, ZIP 1673566593 file_downloadRelease Notes file_downloadZIP File

Product Flyers

H5A Explosion-Protected Camera Line Flyer

Product Datasheets

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H5A Explosion-Protected Bullet Camera Datasheet
H5A Explosion-Protected PTZ Camera Datasheet
Avigilon Self-Learning Video Analytics Datasheet

Product Installation Guides

H5A Explosion-Protected Compact Camera Installation Guide
H5A Explosion-Protected Bullet Camera Installation Guide
H5A Explosion-Protected PTZ Camera Installation Guide

Product User Guides

Analytics Sizing Guide For Avigilon Hardware
Designing a Site with Avigilon Self-Learning Video Analytics

Software User Guide

Camera Configuration Tool User Guide
IP Camera Web Interface Guide
PTZ Camera Web Interface User Guide

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