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Streamline security incident management through integrated video. Ally allows your team to manage incident records and video, communicate instantly across devices, and make proactive planning decisions.

Ally is a cloud-based, incident management tool that complements Avigilon's security product suite with the ability to track, communicate, report and store incident information. Ally adds significant value to an overall security system as an extension to video by including the critical workflow necessary to manage incidents identified by ACC.

Efficiently manage incidents in one streamlined workflow by integrating ACC into Ally’s security workflow. When integrated together, ACC video or access control alarms triggered in Ally can be accepted as a call for service and users can create an incident, pushing them into a dispatch workflow, with the option to view the video clip.

The Ally Incident Management integration is available in Canada and USA only. 


  • Easy to learn, easy to use, easy to access
  • Instant communication across devices
  • Efficient mass notification
  • Easy, accurate reporting for improved insights

Avigilon Control Center

  • Analyse vidéo avec des règles définissables
  • Access control events
  • LPR watchlist match events
  • Notifications en temps réel

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Ally Brochure

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Ally-ACC Datasheet