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Wireless Lock Integrations

Wireless Lock Integrations

Avigilon’s Access Control Manager (ACM) system seamlessly integrates with third-party wireless locking solutions to provide schools, healthcare facilities, commercial and residential buildings that want to combine all of the components of an access controlled door into a simplified all-in-one system that saves time and costs.

Turn any locked door into a monitored, access controlled door with ACM™ for easier management and enhanced security in and around your facilities. The ACM system fully supports Schlage’s complete line of wireless locks, Assa Abloy’s Aperio wireless locks, with future expansions coming soon to support additional Assa Abloy and Salto wireless solutions.


Reduce hardware and wiring costs with the ability to connect ACM directly to the wireless locking solutions.


Customize the lock to meet your current access control needs with the flexibility to make changes over time instead of replacing everything at once to minimize operational disruptions.


Customize your reader type, chassis type, locking functions, power options, lever styles, finishes and more according to your access control needs.


Add wireless locks to new and existing projects without additional licensing fees.

Systèmes de verrouillage sans fil

Allegion: Schlage & Von Duprin

Avigilon’s ACM system fully supports Schlage’s complete line of wireless locks and Von Duprin RU/RM options for crashbars. This enables you to affordably and centrally manage access in and around your facility all within ACM, providing greater security, management efficiency and convenience.

Schlage LE


Flexible Integration

Select the wireless lock and technology you need for each access controlled door in your facility – all managed centrally through the ACM system.

Gateway IP Support

Support for Gateway IP helps to reduce the infrastructure required to connect ACM to the locks wirelessly and can interact with the locks live.

Offline Wi-Fi Support

ACM can connect to applicable wireless locks via offline Wi-Fi, without requiring any additional hardware, providing cost savings and simplifying installation.

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Assa Abloy

Avigilon’s ACM system flexibility integrates with Assa Abloy’s Aperio wireless locks to reduce the cost and inconvenience of wiring in and around an access controlled door. The Aperio solution can support a wide range of applications, including interior office room doors, server room cabinets, storage lockers, as well as glass, wood, steel, and slim aluminum entry doors and more.

Assa Abloy


Wide Application Range

Expand your real-time access control footprint to a wide range of applications in your facility, including glass doors, drawers, server cabinets and more.

Aperio Hub Support

Installation is easy, field configuration is minimal and it communicates directly with Aperio-enabled locks via an encrypted 2.4GHz wireless link.

Mercury Intelligent Controllers

Built on open-field hardware, Aperio locks flawlessly integrate with Mercury controllers to provide real-time access and audit.

HID Mobile Credentials Support

Support a large variety of credentials including the HID SEOS format, which enables the use of HID Mobile credentials, allowing you to access doors using a mobile device.

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Fiche technique des systèmes de verrouillage PR100 dotés de la technologie sans fil Aperio
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