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Une solution de sécurité gagnante pour le complexe sportif GBK

Une solution de sécurité gagnante pour le complexe sportif GBK

Complexe sportif GBK

February 13, 2018
« Étant donné le nombre conséquent de visiteurs que nous recevons chaque année, la sécurité et la protection ne représentent pas seulement une priorité, mais aussi un défi de taille à relever », a déclaré M. Winarto, président directeur de GBK. « Grâce à la technologie d'IA, notre solution Avigilon fournit les informations les plus importantes à nos opérateurs et leur permet de parcourir rapidement de grandes quantités de vidéo pour trouver ce qu'ils recherchent, afin de garantir une réponse plus rapide aux événements. »

Gelora Bung Karno Sports Complex (GBK) prides itself on being one of the most modern, environmentally friendly and integrated sports destinations in the world. Located in Jakarta, Indonesia, GBK is a multipurpose complex consisting of 36 venues and facilities that host a variety of events each year, and also offers green spaces, plazas, fountains and walking paths to residents and visitors. There are many diverse uses of GBK, ranging from sports tournaments to concerts, political gatherings, church services, admissions exams and more.

Covering such a vast area, GBK faced a unique security challenge as it sought a comprehensive solution that was both scalable and flexible enough to adapt to its wide variety of uses. It was important for GBK to gain international recognition as a sports complex that is equipped with smart technology, as this could impact its brand awareness, attract more international events and ultimately help maximize revenue.

To fulfill these goals and assist with general operations such as crowd and traffic management during events, GBK knew it needed a highperformance video security system and AI-powered video analytics. While image clarity was crucial, it was also important for the system to offer efficient bandwidth management to prevent and minimize lags.

Video Security, Gone Pro

To help secure its facilities and protect its visitors, athletes and employees, GBK worked with integrator PT. Intisar Soluzindo to deploy a security solution that includes Avigilon video security cameras with Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) technology, patented self-learning video analytics and Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software.

“GBK Sports Complex was an incredibly large application with incredibly high stakes — we knew we needed to deliver best-in-class products and technologies,” said Mr. Winarto, president director of GBK. “The quality of the Avigilon solution we chose for this project has been outstanding and installation was seamless.”

The system has been an effective part of GBK’s overall risk mitigation strategy. It provides clear imaging on playing fields and in all of its sports venues, including the main stadium, which can host up to 78,000 spectators. During events, the high-quality video aids in crowd and traffic management while AI-powered video analytics alert operators of potentially critical events.

Even when there is no event in progress, the combination of Avigilon cameras, self-learning video analytics and UMD technology has helped improve security and operational efficiencies, by detecting illegal parking, acts of vandalism and loitering.

“GBK Sports Complex is comprised of numerous venues that all host a wide variety of events each year, and so far, our Avigilon system has been flexible and scalable enough to adapt to all of them,” said Mr. Winarto.

Although its system is extensive, GBK has not faced lags in video or bandwidth issues, as Avigilon High Definition Stream Management™ technology only sends operators the portion of the image that they need in maximum resolution, providing incredible image detail where it matters with only a minimal amount of bandwidth and storage being used.

All-Star Results

Since the deployment of the Avigilon system, GBK has found that its usefulness extends beyond their initial expectations. In the past, some individuals would come and use the facilities illegally without booking or paying for them, which meant lost revenue and increased liability for GBK.

Now, GBK uses Avigilon self-learning video analytics and UMD technology to detect people on fields or within facilities when they shouldn’t be there, allowing operators to take action and help reduce illegal use of the sports complex.

“Given the huge number of visitors we receive each year, safety and security are not only among our top priorities but a sizeable challenge,” said Mr. Winarto. “Using AI technology, our Avigilon solution brings the most important information to our operators’ attention and allows them to sift through large volumes of video quickly to find what they’re looking for, which enables us to respond faster.”

Continued Success

GBK’s Avigilon system has proven to be an effective solution for crowd management, incident identification and proactive response, creating a safe space for athletes, visitors and employees. The success and scalability of the system have provided GBK with peace of mind knowing it can continue expanding its Avigilon solution as the sports complex continues to grow.

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