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Réponse de Motorola Solutions face au coronavirus (COVID-19)

Réponse de Motorola Solutions face au coronavirus (COVID-19)

published: March 17, 2020

These are the Moments that Matter

At Motorola Solutions, we have always thought of our customers as heroes. Never has this been more true than at this moment, as our medical professionals, police, firefighters, paramedics and other first responders battle COVID-19 on the front lines. From our 17,000 employees across the globe -- thank you for your tireless work today, tomorrow and always.

We also recognize and celebrate the everyday heroes, whose contributions to our communities are behind the scenes, but no less tangible and no less important. We send our heartfelt appreciation to the teachers who are remotely educating our children, freight companies who are moving critical goods, retailers who are keeping our supermarkets stocked and utility workers who are making sure we have the essential services we need to stay safe at home.

Réponse de Motorola Solutions face au coronavirus (COVID-19)

Motorola Solutions continues to closely monitor the widespread impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The safety and well-being of our employees, customers, partners and suppliers remains our top priority. Additionally, we are committed more than ever to supporting the critical communications, safety and security needs of our public safety and enterprise customers.

A highly skilled team has been put in place and is closely monitoring the situation around the world. We have taken measures to manage the virus’ impact by following guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization and local governments. These measures include:

  • Working Remotely
    We have advised employees and contractors to work from home if they can. Those with responsibilities that require them to be on-site to support the mission-critical efforts of our customers have received more information about performing their duties to the extent possible and allowable during this time.
  • Heavily Restricting Travel
    Employees have been instructed to avoid domestic and international air travel, which currently requires leadership approval.
  • Avoiding In-Person Meetings and Gatherings
    Employees have been asked to avoid large in-person meetings and gatherings. Further, we have canceled our in-person corporate events in lieu of virtual events and product showcases.
  • Implementing Extra Cleaning, Hygiene and Screening Measures
    We have implemented additional cleaning procedures at our facilities and continue to share guidance from public health authorities to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. In accordance with recommendations from public health authorities and regional laws, we are conducting health screenings of our personnel and/or visitors in select locations.

Motorola Solutions Business Continuity

We have also taken measures to safeguard our business, so that we can continue to support the critical communications, safety and security needs of our customers. Business continuity plans are being expanded, so we can adjust to changing circumstances and restrictions, as well as the unique needs of our customers. We encourage our customers to contact their account managers with questions.

For more information on resources and solutions around COVID-19, please visit

À propos de Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions est un leader mondial des communications et des analyses stratégiques. Nos technologies de communication d'intervention critique, nos logiciels de centre de commande et nos solutions de sécurité vidéo et d'analyse, renforcés par des services gérés et d'assistance, contribuent à la sécurité des communautés et aident les entreprises à rester productives et sûres. Chez Motorola Solutions, nous faisons entrer la sécurité publique dans une nouvelle ère. Pour en savoir plus, consultez le site

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