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How Smart Cities Are Fostering Security

How Smart Cities Are Fostering Security

published: July 24, 2019

Local authorities often face challenges when working to reduce crime rates and build safer cities, which may be due to budgetary constraints or limitations of an older video security system. To address these concerns, we provide smart solutions such as AI-powered video analytics, intelligent bandwidth management technology, and critical communications integrations to enable cities to take a proactive approach to security while staying conscious of public budgets.

Smart, Intuitive and Easy to Use

Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software leverages advanced video analytics, including Avigilon Appearance Search™ and Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) technologies, to help you quickly detect, verify and act on potentially critical events. Avigilon Appearance Search allows you to sort through hours of video with ease to quickly locate a specific person or vehicle of interest across all cameras and sites that are connected to your ACC™ software, while UMD continuously learns what typical activity in a scene looks like and then detects and flags unusual motion, revealing events that may have otherwise been missed. In ACC 7, the latest release of our video management software, the Focus of Attention interface determines what information is most important and presents it to you in an easily interpretable way to help make your system smarter and your response times faster.

With Avigilon’s self-learning video analytics and clear video, we are able to quickly and effectively find the critical evidence we need to assist police in investigations, helping make our neighborhood a safer place.”

– Mike Cruz, Executive Director for Long Beach Housing Authority.

A Clear Winner

Avigilon high-definition video security solutions allow you to cover more area using fewer cameras. You no longer have to choose between exceptional image quality and efficient bandwidth usage, as our High Definition Stream Management (HDSM) technology helps maintain crisp, clear image quality while reducing bandwidth and storage needs. When you need to take a closer look at a video stream, HDSM™ technology sends you only the portion of the image you need, providing high resolution only using a fraction of bandwidth and storage. Because HDSM technology manages the storage of data so intelligently, you can search through vast amounts of video in just seconds, saving you cost and time.

Staying Connected

With the integration of ACC and Motorola Solutions’ CommandCentral Aware softwares, an unparalleled solution for public safety now exists. CommandCentral Aware is part of Motorola Solutions’ end-to-end suite of command center software, and through integration with ACC, dispatchers and intelligence analysts will have one source for real-time intelligence that includes video feeds, incident details, alerts, data mapping and responder location. Together with Motorola Solutions, we provide an integrated source for actionable information from the time an emergency call is placed until after an incident is resolved, helping to simplify and support proactive event response for a safer city.

Secure communities are built on a strong foundation; they’re where people want to live and businesses want to thrive. By deploying integrated video security and critical communications systems that leverage AI-powered analytics and efficient bandwidth management technology, cities are more empowered to deter crime and vandalism while proactively responding to events to keep residents safe and thriving. 

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