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Avigilon Solutions for US Federal Government

Avigilon Solutions for US Federal Government

Trusted Solutions for US Federal Government

The US Federal Government bears the tremendous responsibility of protecting and defending its employees, civilians and the nation’s critical infrastructure and buildings. Departments across the federal government, and even across state and local levels, are tasked with securing facilities, people, and assets in any number of government environments and contexts, including the Department of Defense, homeland security, city surveillance, port security, borders, military bases and more.

With so much at stake, Government security personnel need to do more with less in order to effectively secure facilities that often span across a large perimeter. The ability to monitor potential threats in real time and leverage the power of intelligent forensic video tools could make all the difference in preventing unwanted threats.

Motorola Solutions suite of Avigilon video security and physical access control systems offer an end-to-end unified solution that meets the important security standards of the Federal Government to achieve the following benefits:

  • Turnkey FIPS solution with NIST RMF and STIGs hardening cybersecurity posture, that adheres to US Federal Government IT procurements guidelines (NDAA, FAR, TAA).

  • Our assistive AI-powered video analytics facilitate greater efficiency and effectiveness across your security operations to combat attention fatigue and resource constraints.

  • Reduce investigations from days to minutes with intelligent forensic search capabilities.

  • Increase ROI by leveraging embedded intelligence technologies that save man hours traditionally dedicated to monitoring screens or watching recorded video. 

  • Invest in ultra high-definition cameras that capture more area and evidence with fewer cameras.

  • Save money and maximize budgets for a lower TCO with no annual maintenance fees.

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Avigilon FIPS NVR Datasheet
H5A-Kamerareihe – Datenblatt
Avigilon Control Center 7-Software – Datenblatt

Allgemeiner Katalog und Broschüre

Katalog für festmontierte und mobile Videolösungen
Broschüre für Videoüberwachungs- und Analyselösungen
Avigilon-Lösungen für Behörden: Überwachungslösungen für Smart Cities (EMEA)


Avigilon Federal Government Technology Guide
Long Beach Housing Authority Behörden
unfold_moreKriminalität reduzieren, Gemeinschaft aufbauen

Long Beach, New York

Die Long Beach Housing Authority brauchte eine umfassende Sicherheitslösung mit einer effektiveren Möglichkeit, ihre Anwohner, Angestellten und die nähere Umgebung zu schützen.

unfold_lessKriminalität reduzieren, Gemeinschaft aufbauen

“We have seen a dramatic 70 percent reduction of crime in our housing development since installing an Avigilon security system,” said Mike Cruz, Executive Director for the Long Beach Housing Authority.

New Bedford Housing Authority (NBHA) Behörden
unfold_moreSicherheit in der Gemeinde beginnt mit erstklassigen Überwachungslösungen

New Bedford, Massachusetts

NBHA hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, bezahlbaren Wohnraum zur Verfügung zu stellen und gleichzeitig die Selbstversorgung zu fördern, Führungsqualitäten zu unterstützen und nachhaltige, stabile Gemeinschaften zu kultivieren.

unfold_lessSicherheit in der Gemeinde beginnt mit erstklassigen Überwachungslösungen

„Wir konnten vor allem Zeit einsparen. Mit Avigilon können wird Videomaterial wesentlich schneller überprüfen, als das mit unseren alten Kameras und VMS-Systemen der Fall war“, erklärte Steven Beauregard, Exexutive Director der NBHA.