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Access Control Manager

Access Control Manager

Skalierbare Unternehmenslösung

Avigilon Access Control Manager (ACM) is a physical access control system for enterprise-class installations, designed to protect people, property and assets. With advanced alarm and identity management, ACM™ provides superior control of access to facilities. This 100% browser-based solution offers the flexibility to respond to alerts from anywhere. Its unification with Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software offers a powerful, end-to-end security solution to monitor and secure sites.


Easy to deploy and use

Identity Management Display user ID profile pictures with access control events and alarms to know who attempted to enter a door and when. Register visitors and print badges in seconds by scanning an ID via integration with HID Global's EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management software.
REMOTE DOOR LOCK/UNLOCK WITH MAPS Visually pin access-controlled doors spatially on a facility map, view open/close status of doors and remotely lock and unlock doors, including lockdowns during emergencies.
REPLICATION & HOT STANDBY AUTO FAILOVER Simplify identity management with the ability to replicate identity data on multiple ACM Appliances across sites. Save policies, settings and identities from any one primary appliance to a standby appliance with hot standby-auto failover.
ACM VERIFY VIRTUAL STATIONS Extend access control to locations where physical doors are not feasible. ACM Verify enables any browser-enabled device to act as a virtual station by recording and confirming an identity with a PIN.


OPEN-PLATFORM HARDWARE SUPPORT Future-proof your ACM system with open-field hardware from Mercury Security and HID Global.


UNIFIED ACCESS CONTROL & VIDEO Inform access control events with contextual video. Verify alarms generated by ACM with the associated live or recorded video stream in ACC™ for quicker responses.

The unification of Access Control Manager (ACM) with Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software provides enhanced security in your facility. Working better together, incorporating a video component helps you to verify access control alarms, informs your access control responses and links visual and physical matches for superior situational awareness.


IDENTITY VERIFICATION Instantly verify if a person seen carding in on camera matches the user ID profile picture associated with the access card they’re using. Then remotely lock or unlock the door right from your ACC™ software.
H4 VIDEO INTERCOM SUPPORT Monitor and control access at entry points through two-way audio communication, video verification and the ability to remotely grant ACM™ door access from ACC software.
FOCUS OF ATTENTION INTERFACE Access control events and alarms from ACM appear on the Focus of Attention interface in ACC software to notify you of potential incidents requiring further investigation or a quick response, such as an immediate facility lockdown.


ACM 6.22.0 - Upgrade file (v ACM 6, Upgrade 1627230201 file_downloadVersionshinweise file_downloadUpgrade File
ACM 6.22.0 - Virtual Files (v ACM 6, VMWare,Hyper-V 1627230496 file_downloadVersionshinweise file_downloadVMWare File file_downloadHyper-V File
ACM 6.20.0 (v ACM 6, Virtual Image,Upgrade 1622846206 file_downloadVersionshinweise file_downloadVirtual Image File file_downloadUpgrade File
ACM 6.18.0 (v ACM 6, Virtual Image,Upgrade 1620075801 file_downloadVersionshinweise file_downloadVirtual Image File file_downloadUpgrade File
ACM 6.16.0 (v ACM 6, Virtual Image,Upgrade 1613583728 file_downloadVersionshinweise file_downloadVirtual Image File file_downloadUpgrade File
ACM (v ACM 6, 1620074050 file_downloadVersionshinweise
ACM (v ACM 6, 1608597267 file_downloadVersionshinweise
ACM (v ACM 6, 1613586171 file_downloadVersionshinweise
ACM (v ACM 6, 1604508698 file_downloadVersionshinweise
ACM (v ACM 6, 1604507664 file_downloadVersionshinweise
ACM (v ACM 6, 1604507594 file_downloadVersionshinweise
ACM (v ACM 6, 1604507550 file_downloadVersionshinweise
ACM (v ACM 6, 1604507501 file_downloadVersionshinweise
ACM (v ACM 6, 1604507461 file_downloadVersionshinweise
ACM (v ACM 6, Virtual Image,Upgrade 1622760353 file_downloadVersionshinweise file_downloadVirtual Image File file_downloadUpgrade File
ACM (v ACM 6, Upgrade 1604507345 file_downloadVersionshinweise file_downloadUPGRADE File


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