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Erfolgsgeschichten von Avigilon

Erfolgsgeschichten von Avigilon


 Fulton County School Bildungsanstalten
unfold_moreVorrang für Sicherheit an den Fulton County Schools

Georgia, USA

With above-average student incident rates and student disciplinary concerns at some schools, upgrades to FCS's security system were needed to allow better local and remote monitoring in important areas.

unfold_lessVorrang für Sicherheit an den Fulton County Schools

“Video analytics like Avigilon Appearance Search technology as well, and that saves us valuable time and effort — ultimately making our schools a safer place.”
- Paul Hildreth, Emergency Operations, Safety & Security, Fulton County Schools

State & Local Government
unfold_moreImproving City Centre Safety with Worcester City Council

Worcester, UK

Worcester City Council provides efficient essential services for over 95,000 residents and, working with the local community, it aims to create a prosperous, safe city and to improve the quality of life for residents, students and visitors.

unfold_lessImproving City Centre Safety with Worcester City Council

“The Avigilon technology has provided system reliability and high image quality, as well as advanced analytics. The cameras have been deployed in such a way as to optimise and futureproof the City Council’s investment to keep our communities safe. We now literally and metaphorically have the bigger picture.” - Warwick Neale - Team Manager Community Services, Worcester City Council

unfold_moreSSM Health Deploys Game-Changing Safe Hospitals Ecosystem

Missouri, Oklahoma and Wisconsin

With more than 2 million outpatients seen every year, SSM Health sought a solution that supported operational efficiency while also helping to ensure the safety of employees, patients and visitors at all times.

unfold_lessSSM Health Deploys Game-Changing Safe Hospitals Ecosystem

“We went from having an outdated VMS, ineffective access control and insufficient alarm capability to the exact opposite. It’s a huge game-changer for us.” - Todd Miller, Regional Director of Security at SSM Health

unfold_moreVideo Security Solutions That Go The Distance

Monsheim, Germany

pfenning Logistics required a turnkey, high-performance, scalable video security and analytics system. An additional challenge was low bandwidths, which would struggle to stream high-volume, high-resolution video.

unfold_lessVideo Security Solutions That Go The Distance

"The Avigilon cameras provide great image detail and advanced object detection, so our controllers can quickly make sense of what they are seeing. And the HDSM streaming management technology means we can maintain high-quality imaging, whilst reducing bandwidth usage and storage consumption." - Tino Fechner, Head of IT for pfenning Logistics

unfold_moreSchool Security at the Top of Its Class

Seneca Township, Illinois

Seneca Township High School wanted a trusted video security system that would foster a sense of shared responsibility across the school and align with its strict anti-bullying policies, promoting the physical and emotional wellbeing of everyone on campus.

unfold_lessSchool Security at the Top of Its Class

“Before, finding an incident could take 10 hours — now we can find it in 30 seconds with our Motorola Solutions’ Avigilon video security system.” - Martin Harig, Technology Coordinator for Seneca Township High School

unfold_moreEine hochzuverlässige Sicherheitslösung

Louisville, KY

Davis Jewelers hat sich zu einem führenden Unternehmen in der Schmuckbranche entwickelt, doch die Branche ist mit gewissen Sicherheitsrisiken verbunden. Zur Verringerung dieser Risiken wurde das Videosicherheits- und Analysesystem von Motorola Solutions installiert. So wurde die Sicherheitsüberwachung für das gesamte Team zentralisiert.

unfold_lessEine hochzuverlässige Sicherheitslösung

“Even though everyone is in one building, there are different areas they work in, such as the back offices or the showroom floor. Having an Avigilon system has tied these different areas together as employees can now see what’s going on throughout the store. Security no longer rests on one person’s shoulders — the team now works collaboratively to monitor the store effectively.”

unfold_moreSicherheitslösungen, auf die CSC bauen kann

Beirut, Lebanon

Mit mehr als 350 Mitarbeitern an zwei Standorten und strengen Sicherheits- und Datenschutzanforderungen benötigte CSC eine Lösung, die sowohl Videosicherheits- als auch Zutrittskontrollfunktionen bietet.

unfold_lessSicherheitslösungen, auf die CSC bauen kann

„Die Videosuchtechnologien von Avigilon sind leistungsstark und effektiv. Und durch die Kombination von Videosicherheit und Zutrittskontrolle können sie Arbeitsstunden auf Minuten reduzieren“, so Ghaleb Karout, Deputy Executive Manager der IT-Infrastrukturabteilung bei CSC. „Die Software ist einfach zu bedienen, und wir schätzen es, dass das Produktportfolio eine Vielzahl von Anwendungen bietet, um unseren Sicherheitsanforderungen besser gerecht zu werden.“

unfold_moreEine einzigartige Sicherheitslösung für Schulen

West Hartford, Connecticut

Zusammen mit einem Lehrplan, Dienstleistungen und Ressourcen, die ausschließlich für gehörlose und hörgeschädigte Schüler entwickelt wurden, implementierte die American School for the Deaf ein komplettes Motorola Solutions Videosicherheits- und Analysesystem für ihre komplexen Sicherheitsanforderungen.

unfold_lessEine einzigartige Sicherheitslösung für Schulen

"Our Avigilon solution is leaps and bounds faster than our previous system. It’s user-friendly and intuitive, and we can quickly train our staff to use it which helps us ensure we have supervision around our residences, daycare and other sensitive areas." Jennifer Pizzoferatto Director of Finance and Operations

unfold_moreLösungen von Avigilon bringen die innovative Sicherheit von Alabama Power voran

Birmingham, Alabama

With so many substations distributed across such a vast area, threats such as trespassing, vandalism and sabotage were always top of mind for Alabama Power’s security team.

unfold_lessLösungen von Avigilon bringen die innovative Sicherheit von Alabama Power voran

“Prior to system integration, event analysis was delayed by as much as 15 to 20 minutes while the monitoring officers tracked down the needed information from various systems. Now the Avigilon camera associated with the security event comes to the screen automatically, allowing assessment and determinative action within thirty seconds to a minute.” - Roy Sexton, Security Director of Alabama Power and Chief Security Officer of Southern Company

unfold_moreEine führende Universität sucht nach einer intelligenten Sicherheitslösung

Indianapolis, Indiana

Immer mehr Mitarbeiter und Studenten motivierten die Universität, ihre Sicherheitssysteme zu verbessern, um die Sicherheit ihrer Mitarbeiter und der breiteren Gemeinschaft zu gewährleisten.

unfold_lessEine führende Universität sucht nach einer intelligenten Sicherheitslösung

“I have never worked with a security company where I've been able to pick up the phone and have someone to help solve issues and make sure we are using the product the right way so that we see good value for our money. This was true not just in the beginning, their support exists right to this day.”
— Ray Stanley, CIO/Vice President, Marian University

unfold_moreHelping Schools Build a Brighter Future

Indianapolis, USA

Eine sichere Lernumgebung und die Minimierung von Risiken hat für die Franklin Township Community School Corporation mit über 10.000 Schülern und mehr als 1.300 Mitarbeitern eine hohe Priorität.

unfold_lessHelping Schools Build a Brighter Future

“We have seen a significant amount of savings — in terms of both finances and time — since switching to Avigilon. The Focus of Attention interface in ACC™ 7 software makes it really easy to monitor our video feeds so we can identify potentially critical events with fewer eyes on our video screens, freeing up our police and administrators to take action. And since the technology is easy to use, it doesn’t require extensive training for users, which has been another big time-saver for us.”
— Tyler Knight, Director of Technology, FTCSC

unfold_moreSicherheitslösungen von Avigilon bieten viele Möglichkeiten für Marino's Market

Birmingham, USA

Über 80 Mitarbeitern und rund 18.000 Kunden, die jede Woche in den verschiedenen Filialen in Birmingham (Alabama) einkaufen, waren für Marino's Market Grund genug, eine sichere Umgebung zu schaffen.

unfold_lessSicherheitslösungen von Avigilon bieten viele Möglichkeiten für Marino's Market

„Wenn wir ein Avigilon System installieren, insbesondere eines, das auch Motorola Solutions Technologien beinhaltet, wissen wir, dass unsere Kunden das Beste vom Besten bekommen“, sagte Michael Smith, Präsident von American Video & Alarm, Inc. „Wegen ihrer Qualität können wir Avigilon-Lösungen bedenkenlos für die verschiedensten Installationen und Anwendungsfälle empfehlen.“