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Expert commercial CCTV and security system installers in Wellington

Home to almost 64,000 individual business locations, Wellington is an ideal city for aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders. However, as is common in any heavily populated city, criminality can be an ever-present issue. With the number of recorded crimes rising by over 2,000 offences per year between 2022 and 2023, local business owners may be considering the benefits of upgrading their existing commercial security systems in New Zealand.

Avigilon’s network of commercial security system installation teams can assist you in reviewing and updating your business security system in Wellington. With access to our end-to-end physical security ecosystem, a local security system integrator can aid your team in improving existing threat detection capabilities.

Wellington business security system installation teams will review your property to identify potential security gaps, recommending modern solutions to future-proof your office security system. Avigilon’s comprehensive security solutions combine the operation of key systems like access control, CCTV and building management networks, allowing your commercial security system installer to optimise security management processes.

Avigilon’s network of business security system installers are fully certified and receives frequent training in developing and implementing the latest security technologies. Local teams understand the unique threats faced by New Zealand business owners and can help you design bespoke solutions to protect your assets.

By choosing to work with an Avigilon office security system installation partner, business owners gain access to industry-leading physical security technologies, including: 

  • Cloud-based CCTV - Your local commercial security camera installer can help you design bespoke CCTV networks featuring remote-access functionality. Using advanced Avigilon IP cameras, your business security camera installer will ensure key locations are covered by appropriate devices, with live feeds viewable from any secure smart device thanks to cloud-based security camera management.

  • AI video analytics - Our local installers can help you improve threat detection processes with AI video analytics software support. Installed cameras can autonomously detect suspicious behaviours, such as crowds forming in unusual areas or unexpected motion in high-risk locations. Our commercial CCTV installers in Wellington will show you how to set up automated alerts and use detected stimuli to trigger wider security devices, improving incident response times.

  • Adaptive access control - Avigilon Alta access systems are easily integrated into cloud-based management systems, and there is no requirement for costly physical servers. Your security integrator will help you choose from multiple credential types, including key fobs, mobile credentials, and adaptive gesture controls. You can configure multi-credential systems to protect high-risk areas.

  • Smart sensors and alarms - Develop a bespoke network of real-time sensors and alarms to improve threat detection and incident response processes. Our network of commercial security alarm installation teams will help you link cameras and access systems to smart sensors and alarms. Detected stimuli like motion, sound, fire, or smoke will automatically trigger on-site alarms and wider security tools, with instant alerts sent to connected smart devices to ensure fast threat responses. 

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The top commercial security system and CCTV installation for Wellington businesses

Business owners must prioritise installation teams with extensive industry experience and local knowledge to choose an appropriate commercial video surveillance installer or security alarm installer. Avigilon only partners with local certified security experts with hands-on commercial installation experience.

With commercial property activity in the city expected to increase from late 2023 to 2024, many business owners will be searching for an experienced commercial CCTV system installer in Wellington to help them develop effective physical security installations. Avigilon’s network of security camera installers for business clients and security integration teams draw on comprehensive local and industry knowledge to develop bespoke security solutions. 

Whether you need a commercial CCTV camera installer to review your existing systems and recommend future-proof upgrades or an integration expert to modernise your security management systems, our local physical security technicians will be happy to help.

Contact Avigilon today to learn more about our industry-leading physical security ecosystem and discover the benefits of modern integrated security solutions. 

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