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Vancouver’s crime rate exceeds the national average, making security a top priority for businesses operating in the area. To ensure your business does not suffer losses due to a security breach, you must invest in a robust commercial security system. An effective security system is established using modern security technology components. A Vancouver commercial security system installation expert would recommend the following features for your commercial security strategy:

  • Video security cameras
    When you enlist the services of a Vancouver security camera installer for business, they will advise you on how to maximize the visibility of your cameras. The business security camera installer will increase your awareness of new and modern security camera technologies, such as video intercom systems for facial recognition. Video cameras are a staple in any Vancouver office security system, deterring crime on your property and providing evidence that might aid in an investigation. Contact your local Vancouver commercial security camera installer to receive expert advice on your camera placement and management system.

  • Touchless access control
    Access control is the basis for any effective Vancouver business security system. Your commercial building or office houses valuable assets, data and people. Consider investing in touchless access control. Touchless mobile access control does not require keys or fobs, and authorized users can quickly enter with just the wave of a hand or phone. Reach out to a Vancouver commercial security installer and inquire about keyless access control for your Canada security system.

  • Alarm systems
    You are responsible for the safety of the people in your office building, which is why you must ensure your installation meets current alarm system regulations and standards. A Vancouver commercial security alarm installer will educate you on the latest alarm system technology to facilitate smoke detection, broken glass detection and gunshot detection in your building. Alarm systems can be paired with remote operation features to ensure a swift response in a cloud-based security system. Contact a Vancouver commercial security alarm installation expert to learn about emerging alarm system technologies.

  • Integrations
    In a cloud-based security system, you have access to integrations to get you the best return on your investments. You can integrate your Vancouver security system components with open software that streamlines HR and administrative functions, such as health and wellness, time tracking and occupancy management, as well as cloud-based security cameras, video software, door sensors and alarm systems. Get in touch with a Vancouver business security system installer to ensure the products they recommend support frictionless integrations with the other tools you need.

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Choosing the best Vancouver business CCTV security and alarm system

Vancouver is ranked among the best places to live, work and invest globally. To ensure your business thrives, you need to invest in Vancouver commercial office security system installation. Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, is a US-based access control manufacturer offering security products across the globe, and has partnerships with local Vancouver security system installers. For the most future-proof system, your security components should work together as an integrated, holistic system. Avigilon partners with Vancouver office security system installers that understand the importance of being able to update, integrate and automate security systems in today’s environment.

Avigilon Alta’s touchless and cloud-based access control systems ensure fast, reliable access, with patented Triple Unlock technology that uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular communication to ensure entry on the first attempt. Users can unlock the door with simply a wave of their hand or mobile device. Avigilon’s multi-technology and video-enabled door readers are easy to install and backward compatible with many third-party access control systems. Get in touch with a Vancouver business security system installation expert to learn about the benefits of touchless access control for your building and see if Avigilon Alta is right for your business.

Whether you’re based in Coal Harbour, China Town, Commercial Dive, Gastown, Granville Island or any other Vancouver area, your Vancouver commercial security system installation will be effortless with Avigilon’s products. Our network of certified security system installers can help you establish a physical security system in your new location or even help to upgrade your current system.

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