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Expert commercial CCTV and security system installers in Tel Aviv

Despite being Israel’s second-largest city, Tel Aviv is considered the country’s commercial and financial center, with the area boasting one of the highest numbers of start-ups per capita in the world. For small and large businesses to reliably protect key assets from modern risks, local property owners must consider strengthening their security systems using smart technology.

As an internationally renowned security company, Avigilon works closely with certified Israeli commercial security integrators and installers to help local property owners modernize existing solutions. With support from advanced AI software tools and secure cloud-based management portals, they are able to develop adaptive security solutions.

Avigilon’s end-to-end security ecosystem is specially designed to support business owners in creating customized security installations to suit a wide range of needs. From intuitive mobile access devices for rental properties and customer-facing businesses to smart office security systems and AI-informed CCTV solutions, Avigilon’s installation partners help leaders create:

  • Smart CCTV installations - Experienced commercial CCTV installers in Tel Aviv can help property owners utilize AI-powered video security tools. For example, active cameras can be configured to autonomously scan high-risk areas in search of suspicious activity, with real-time alerts sent via encrypted communications to ensure fast incident responses.

  • Adaptive access solutions - Enhance existing office security system installations with smart access readers. You can choose from multiple credential types, including key cards, mobile and biometric credentials, with options to view live access events and remotely adjust active permissions, ensuring properties are well-protected around the clock.

  • Building management systems - Avigilon’s partnered Tel Aviv commercial security system installers can optimize building management operations using smart sensors and cloud management tools. Security system integrators will help you link access readers and cameras to smart environmental sensors, enabling admins to remotely view live occupancy, temperature, motion and HVAC data at any time.

  • Live threat detection solutions - Modernize your Tel Aviv business security system with live alerts from specialized sensors and alarms, link pressure, motion and sound sensors to security cameras and cloud-based management systems to view security incidents in real-time. Local commercial security system installers will also help your team program automated responses to common threats like break-ins and vandalism.

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The top commercial security system and CCTV installation for Tel Aviv businesses

The growth of small and large enterprises in Tel Aviv appears promising, with the city ranking third for total venture capital investments raised in 2022. Increased investments often lead to a growing customer-base and the need for more staff to meet rising demands. With this in mind, improvements made to security systems can help leaders ensure assets remain well-protected. 

To ensure new installations are able to reliably defend against modern threats, it’s wise to choose experienced office security system installers who understand local issues. Avigilon works with a close network of certified commercial security camera installers, security integrators and security alarm installers in Tel Aviv to create reliable installations.

Qualified commercial video surveillance installers will assess your property to identify areas in which modern technologies may be of benefit, working closely with your teams to develop customized security systems adapted to your unique requirements. Avigilon’s partnered security integrators in Tel Aviv will then help you combine the operation of core security devices like access readers, cameras and alarms to configure intelligent responses to common physical security threats.

Avigilon security systems are designed with scalability in mind, meaning installations can be reliably upgraded and expanded over time to ensure solutions are future-proof. Working with Avigilon’s commercial security system installation partners also grants access to our award winning customer support service offering personalized assistance to clients 24 hours a day.

In addition, cloud-based access control and video security installations will receive frequent software updates and automatic maintenance services, with all data transfers secured behind end-to-end encryption to ensure systems remain protected from novel cyber threats.

For business and property owners looking for assistance developing customized commercial security systems in Tel Aviv, contact your nearest Avigilon security installation partner today.

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