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The property crime rate in San Francisco rose by 11.5% for the first three months of 2022, compared to the same period last year, according to the San Francisco Police Department. That makes a comprehensive commercial security system essential for San Francisco businesses. To ensure your office security system incorporates the best technologies, ask a San Francisco business security system installation expert which combination of components will maximize the security of your property and people: 

  • Property access control
    Make it convenient for employees and visitors to enter your building while keeping out intruders. Local commercial security system installers in San Francisco can recommend the best controllers, door readers and credentials to protect buildings in the Bay Area, the Financial District, Berkley, San Jose, Mission Bay, Oakland and other districts. 

  • Office door locks
    You need to be confident that your entrance door locks and locks covering secure areas are robust and reliable. If you need to upgrade your locks, a San Francisco business security system installer can recommend the most suitable commercial door locks, wireless locks or smart locks, including locks that can be operated remotely via the cloud or a mobile app. 

  • Video security systems
    A commercial security camera installer familiar with San Francisco business properties can plan and install a physical security system of video cameras to cover the most important spaces, so your security team always has an up-to-date picture and record of any activity. They can also help you integrate video cameras with other building and security systems.

  • Sensors
    Adding sensors incorporating real-time notifications to the overall security system gives your security team vital information about occupancy levels, unsecured doors, broken glass or even gunshots. An office security system installer in San Francisco can advise you on suitable sensors for vulnerable areas to maximize security. 

  • Alarms
    Local, state and federal regulations make it essential for your office building to have the right alarms in place, including fire alarms, smoke detectors, and emergency systems. A commercial security alarm installer in San Francisco will ensure your alarm system is complete, reliable and fully compliant. If you have any questions regarding commercial alarms, reach out to commercial security alarm installation experts. 

San Francisco is a dynamic business and innovation center, and home to one of the largest concentrations of technology businesses in the country. As well as leveraging the local innovation ecosystem, businesses need to find the right security system integrator and the support of professional commercial security system installation to protect people, property and data. San Francisco business security system installers can ensure your property benefits from the strongest levels of security.

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Reliable commercial security cameras and systems for your San Francisco building or office

Professional office security system installers understand the importance of an integrated approach to commercial security. Security components should work together to minimize vulnerability and integrate with other building management systems. Leading San Francisco business security system installers recommend Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, access control systems as an integral element of a holistic commercial system installation.

Avigilon Alta’s mobile and cloud-based access control solutions are built on open standards, and the latest Pro Series readers with built-in video and intercom functionality can be easily integrated with door locks, alarms, sensors, video security cameras and other elements of a complete security and business management system. 

Avigilon is a global access control manufacturer based in the US, providing customers with the highest levels of support by working with certified business security system installers and commercial security camera installers for business in San Francisco and throughout the US. Our network of trusted commercial security system installers cover all areas of the city, including the Bay Area, Berkeley, San Jose, Oakland and the Financial District, delivering first-class service to the high standards expected by San Francisco businesses.

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