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In Raleigh, North Carolina, there are 9,981 property crimes, annually. A sophisticated Raleigh business security system ensures that company assets are protected from theft, and that data is kept private. Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, is a security system manufacturer providing future-proof technologies that equip businesses to handle the challenges of the modern security climate. Here are some of the physical security system components that make up a robust Raleigh commercial security system:

  • Video surveillance systems
    Security cameras are an integral part of building security, and a business security camera installer in Raleigh will advise you on the benefits of video surveillance in security, such as assisting in deterring crime and providing evidence to aid in an investigation. A Raleigh commercial security camera installer for business can help you to install cameras with optimal placement to ensure there are no blind spots in your system. Video door readers can also visually verify users’ identities before entering the building. Speak to your local Raleigh commercial security system installer to inquire about smart readers with built-in video.

  • Keyless door access control
    Raleigh office security system installers will recommend access control as a staple in your building’s security strategy. Your building’s security system should not inhibit productivity and convenience for your staff, visitors and occupants. Keyless access control keeps traffic flowing throughout your facility by allowing first-time entry using a smartphone or mobile device. Access control secures your building from intruders and can be installed throughout your facility, including elevators and turnstiles, to prohibit access to restricted areas and prevent internal security breaches.

  • Open-platform integrations
    Various software companies enable integrations via open standards for your security system. Open API platforms and mobile SDKs allow you to efficiently integrate your business tools with the security installations you use daily. You can enhance your security system with safety and wellness solutions, tenant and visitor management systems, video management systems, identity services, communication tools and more. An optimized commercial security system in North Carolina facilitates improved HR and administration operations. Speak to your local business security system installer in Raleigh and ask about integrations for your commercial security system.

  • Alarm systems and sensors
    To meet building safety standards and regulations, you need an alarm system that meets current codes in your area. With alarm and sensor systems installed by a local Raleigh security system professional, you can receive a notification when your system detects broken glass, a door forced open or smoke. You can then implement effective and responsive emergency procedures using the remote operations of your cloud-based system. Speak with a Raleigh commercial security alarm installation expert to understand your options and how your business can benefit from new security technology with remote lockdown activation.

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The top commercial security system installation for Raleigh businesses

Raleigh is one of the world’s leading economic growth areas. Raleigh commercial security system installation fits your building with the necessary components to help prevent security incidents on your property and ensure a fast response to emergencies.

Avigilon is a US-based commercial security system manufacturer whose top priority is providing businesses with security systems that maximize the convenience of daily operations. We partner with a wide range of software companies and Raleigh business security system installation experts to make our products accessible and fully optimizable.

The Video Reader Pro pairs access control technology with a live video camera feed to allow for easier identity verification. With built-in voice recognition, touchless access technology and high-definition cameras, the Video Intercom Reader Pro ensures access to your building is reserved for verified users and approved visitors only. Reach out to a Raleigh commercial security camera installer, who will advise you on the benefits of smart readers paired with video surveillance technology.

Whether your commercial building is located in Downtown Raleigh, East Raleigh, Midtown Raleigh, North Raleigh, Brier Creek, Apex or elsewhere in North Carolina, we can ensure you get a professional, certified Avigilon product and commercial security system installation. Our network of Raleigh office security system installation experts can analyze the vulnerabilities of your commercial building and recommend the best security investments to upgrade your security.

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