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Top commercial video surveillance and security system contractors in Qatar

With an overall crime rate of 12.01 and a property crime rate of 10.08, Qatar is considered to be a relatively safe country. However, with tourism levels increasing significantly in recent years, risk factors in the area may start to change in the future. 

For local property and business owners to ensure their assets remain protected from modern threats, existing Qatari business and office security systems may need to be reevaluated. Choosing to work with Avigilon’s network of experienced commercial security system installers and security integrators in Qatar ensures leaders benefit from local knowledge and advanced security technologies.

Avigilon’s end-to-end security ecosystem combines access control, video security and building management solutions in a single easily-managed platform, with local business security system installers able to help leaders develop bespoke solutions.

From AI-powered business security cameras to cloud-based management platforms, qualified business security system installation teams are able to help Qatari property owners improve their existing defenses. Security system installers in Qatar can help you set up:

  • Smart video security systems - A core component of any effective business security system in Qatar – or anywhere else– is a network of intelligent security cameras. Our partnered commercial CCTV camera installers can help you set up security cameras with remote-access functionality and AI-powered video analytics tools designed to both detect threats and alert admins autonomously.

  • Access control - In order to maintain a secure environment and ensure the safety of staff/​visitors, property owners must utilize some form of access control. Experienced office security system installers local to Qatar can create modern solutions featuring time-based credentials, keyless entry readers and video intercoms, all of which can be accessed remotely from your smartphone.

  • Intrusion detection and alarms - Quality intrusion detection systems help to deter criminality by warning stakeholders of suspicious activities in real-time. Commercial security alarm installers in Qatar can help property owners install and link motion, sound, pressure and temperature sensors to wider physical security tools, allowing for automated responses, remote monitoring and instant alerts.

  • Smart locks - Smart locks are an important part of access control, offering a convenient and secure way to lock high-risk areas. Qatari security integrators will show your teams how to adjust locks remotely from their smartphones, as well as program time-based access rules and create custom access codes.

  • Surveillance and video management software - Effective commercial security systems feature custom integrations, enabling alarms, video security and access readers to be connected via a centralized video management system. From here, teams can monitor feeds in real-time, receive instant alerts and program individual technologies to react to stimuli detected by various active devices.

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The top commercial security system and CCTV installation for Qatar businesses

When looking for an ideal commercial security system installer, there are several important considerations to keep in mind. Professionals must have experience in developing systems tailored to commercial organizations, as well as an operational understanding of the common threats faced by businesses in your immediate area.

Avigilon’s network of partnered security system and commercial security camera installers in Qatar has hands-on experience developing solutions for Qatari property owners, as well as extensive experience working on smart commercial installations.

Our installation partners in Qatar are:

  • Professional - Avigilon-partnered commercial CCTV system and security system installers focus on meeting the unique requirements of each client, offering evaluations and assessments to determine the most effective solution for every site.

  • Highly qualified - Every Avigilon-certified commercial security system installation partner receives comprehensive training in the use of our advanced security tools, along with extensive personal experience working in the commercial security industry.

  • Integration focused - With support from our end-to-end security ecosystem, local installation teams will help you develop unique security integrations designed to ensure properties and assets remain well-protected and well-monitored at all times.

Contact your local Avigilon security system installation partner today to start planning a more effective, reliable and intelligent property security solution.

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