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When considering your business intelligence, it is essential to consider your physical security measures as a factor. There are over 47,000 property crimes reported in Philadelphia yearly. To prevent losses and improve employees’ feeling of safety, you must invest in a secure business security system. A future-proof business or office security system in Philadelphia should consist of a range of security technologies that work in tandem to provide the best possible prevention against breaches. Philadelphia commercial security system installers recommend combining the following new security technology components:

  • Mobile access control
    Convenience is the key to a successful security installation. Contact your local Philadelphia business security system installation expert and ask them about mobile and remote operation of access control security systems. If your administrators and security staff can remotely operate door locks and monitor entries using a mobile application or cloud-based control center, they will be able to respond quicker to access requests and security incidents.

  • Multi-technology access readers
    The traffic in your commercial building will run smoothly with door readers that use Bluetooth, cellular and Wi-Fi communication to ensure reliable first-time entry with Avigilon Alta’s (formerly Openpath) patented Triple Unlock technology. Quicker entry means that enhanced security will not disturb the convenience of daily business operations. Also consider readers with touchless entry capabilities, which allow users to unlock the door with a quick wave of their hand or phone. Get in touch with your local Philadelphia business security system installer and inquire about Avigilon’s door reader products.

  • Integration potential
    One of the significant benefits of installing a cloud-based security system in your commercial office building is the potential for integration. At Avigilon, we have a vast network of partners that offer security integrations to pair with cloud-based access control. You can enhance your security system to perform HR functions such as directory sync, connect to cybersecurity analytics software, automate wellness verifications and integrate with visitor management software.

  • Video intercom systems and security camera installation
    Cloud-based video intercom systems allow you to view access credentials alongside video feed information to verify user identity, preventing the potential for unauthorized access. Video intercoms can be used in conjunction with business security cameras to provide air-tight security for your commercial building. Ensure you choose a qualified Philadelphia commercial security camera installer who can recommend the best locations for your security cameras to offer maximum visibility. Contact us for a list of recommended business security camera installers.

  • Alarm systems
    Any commercial building needs to meet regulations and standards. A Philadelphia commercial security alarm installer can help you establish a sophisticated and modern alarm system, allowing for quicker emergency response procedures. Your administrators can initiate lockdown procedures and be alerted to gunshot and glass break detection on mobile devices. Alarm systems are essential for handling security incidents quickly and efficiently.

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Avigilon Alta is a US-based access control manufacturer that offers a wide range of access control security components to ensure maximum protection for commercial buildings. With a focus on excellent user experience and convenience, our technologies easily integrate to form a blended and seamless commercial security system.

Avigilon Alta’s access control is the foundation from which you can build a fully integrated and remotely operated security system. The Avigilon Pro Series Video Intercom Reader, for example, can be accessed remotely, and the installation comes with built-in voice recognition and touchless entry. Video intercom systems ensure strict identity verification processes, and can ensure water-tight security for Philadelphia-based businesses when deployed together with the security tools mentioned above.

Our recommended Philadelphia security system installers and business security camera installers operate in Rittenhouse Square, East Passyunk, Old City, Fishtown, University City, Fairmount and many more locations across Philadelphia. Our expert business and office security system installers have experience working with a wide range of architecture and budgets to ensure your property gets the full protection needed.

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