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Certified office and commercial security system installers from Perth

All Australian business owners understand the importance of physical security systems. But with reports indicating break-ins are becoming more common in Western Australia, and data revealing a 12.6% increase in shoplifting offences, your business may need more protection.

Hiring a local professional for your commercial security in Perth should be a top priority, as they will understand security threats familiar to the region. Avigilon has a wide network of experienced commercial security system installers & integration specialists, each of which can help you design and implement an advanced business security system.

By working with Avigilon’s local experts in Perth, business owners gain access to an extensive range of enterprise-level end-to-end security solutions. Every business security systems installer affiliated with Avigilon receives intensive training in how to identify and address security flaws to help you design a reliable office security system.

Your local security system installation team will guide you through Avigilon’s smart security ecosystem, including access control, CCTV and alarm systems designed with integration in mind. Your security system integrator can help your team develop automated incident responses, remote-access devices and scalable installations. By working with an Avigilon partner, unique solutions can be created.

  • Smart access control - Avigilon Alta access systems utilise cloud-based technology to help you monitor security systems remotely. Multiple credential types can be used, including fobs, mobile credentials and biometric indicators, with options for your commercial security alarm installer to connect readers to on-site alarms and sensors.

  • Visitor management systems - Access control systems can be expanded to include temporary credentials for visitors, contractors and guests. Mobile credentials can be sent to authorised guests prior to their visit, with security staff able to view and adjust permissions remotely from a cloud-based management system. Our network of installers can also link commercial security cameras to your visitor management system so biometric credentials and gesture controls can be used to grant access.

  • AI-informed CCTV - Avigilon offers access to our wide range of advanced video security solutions, including cloud-based PTZ and IP cameras with remote monitoring capabilities. Each Avigilon commercial CCTV installation partner is trained to review your site to ensure cameras are installed in key locations, with AI video analytics tools used to automate threat detection processes.

  • Building management solutions - Our partnered professionals can recommend intelligent alarm and sensor integrations to help you optimise existing building management systems. Smoke and fire detectors can be linked with alarm systems, occupancy monitoring solutions can be developed, and your commercial security camera installer can connect motion detectors to CCTV cameras, ensuring threats are flagged and recorded automatically to aid later investigations.

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Reliable commercial security cameras and systems for your Perth building or office

While many aspects of physical security remain constant regardless of location, working with local professionals will ensure that your business is well-protected from realistic threats. 

Avigilon’s Perth partners can assess your property with both industry and region-specific knowledge in mind, recommending actionable solutions that are unique to your needs and able to be easily scaled and adjusted in line with business growth.

Whether you’re looking for a commercial video surveillance installer in Perth or a multi-site security integrator, our certified professionals will offer ongoing support to help you develop future-proof and easily-managed security installations. 

Your security camera installer understands the unique security requirements of commercial enterprise, as well as the current landscape of crime in the local area. With this knowledge in hand, your local commercial CCTV system installer in Perth will work with your teams to design and install Avigilon’s leading solutions for your business.

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