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In Orlando, Florida, your chance of falling victim to a property crime is 1 in 27. To secure your commercial building and reduce your risk of property crime in Orlando, you need to invest in future-proof commercial security solutions. Your Orlando building or office security system should incorporate the best security technologies to provide sophisticated and convenient protection for your business. The following security elements are essential to any effective Orlando commercial security system:

  • Alarm systems
    A significant element in an Orlando business security system is ensuring the safety of building occupants. Orlando commercial security alarm installation is necessary to ensure your security aligns with industry standards and regulations. Smoke alarms and intruder alarms, along with gunshot detection, can help you craft an effective evacuation and emergency response plan in your building, which is the cornerstone of commercial building security. Contact your local Orlando commercial security alarm installers and enquire about the capabilities of modern alarm systems.

  • Convenient touchless access control
    Securing your building from intruders and unauthorized entry is instrumental in keeping your company’s data and assets secure. Access control should not come at the cost of convenience for your employees, so the optimal access control system ensures first-time entry and does not require a key. With Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, authorized users can enter your building simply through their mobile devices, smart watches or simply with a wave of the hand. Contact your local Orlando business security installation experts and inquire about touchless access control.

  • Video surveillance systems
    Commercial surveillance systems help deter crime, and they provide evidence if a crime occurs on your property. They can also assist in verifying users’ identities before they gain access to your property. Your Orlando business security camera installer may recommend pairing video surveillance with smart readers to reduce vulnerabilities in your system. Video intercom readers combine video surveillance, audio communication and access control technologies to identify misappropriated access credentials incidents. An Orlando commercial security camera installer will identify the security cameras’ ideal placement on your property for optimal viewing.

  • Integration potential
    To get the most out of your physical security investments, you can adapt them to perform HR and administrative functions using software integrations. You can optimize your access control system and Orlando security installations with visitor management software and many other valuable tools to aid in the efficiency of your HR and security operations. Speak to an Orlando commercial security system installation expert and ask about the benefits of integrations, especially for any existing identity provider or video management software.

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The right Orlando commercial CCTV and alarm system for your building

Orlando is leading the nation in job growth and is attracting some of the biggest names in business. To support the growth of your Orlando business, consider investing in a future-proof Orlando office security system installation that will protect your valuable data and assets.

Avigilon is a US-based security installation manufacturer focused on improving the user experience with convenient access control solutions. We partner with various software companies and Orlando business security system installers to provide systems that can be optimized with integrations, allowing you to get the most out of your security investments.

Avigilon Alta touchless technology maintains an uninhibited traffic flow throughout your building, so that your internal and external access restrictions do not affect productivity. Touchless and keyless access control allows users to enter your building without a keycard or fob for the access reader. They need only wave their hand or phone.

The Video Intercom Reader Pro and Video Reader Pro also include video surveillance technology, with built-in voice recognition, touchless access readers and cloud-based operation. Your administrators and security staff can operate and view information from your security system remotely using a mobile application or cloud-based Control Center. Speak with your Orlando security camera installer for business, who will advise you on whether your current system can support video intercom technology.

Avigilon partners with the top Orlando commercial security system installers to ensure you can access our products in Altamonte Springs, Baldwin Park, College Park, International Drive and other regions. Your Orlando office security system installer can help you upgrade your existing security system or help you establish a streamlined and sophisticated security system in new locations.

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