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Top commercial video surveillance and security system contractors in Newcastle

All Newcastle businesses must have an effective commercial security system in place. Data from New South Wales authorities reveals reports of breaking and entering increased by 17% between 2020 – 2023, potentially leaving numerous local businesses vulnerable to criminality.

If you need to upgrade your current office security system in Newcastle, you’ll find that experts recommend Avigilon, a leading provider of innovative, technically advanced commercial security systems in Australia. Avigilon develops end-to-end security solutions combining access control, CCTV and alarm systems for improved security.

Avigilon’s local network of certified business security system, CCTV, and commercial security alarm experts can develop, install and support custom solutions to protect your property from local threats. Experienced security system installers will help your business benefit from the following smart solutions:

  • Intuitive access control: Effective access systems balance convenience and security. Certified Avigilon office security system experts will guide your team through the benefits of cloud-based access control, with Avigilon Alta systems able to be managed and adjusted remotely for simplified security management. Select appropriate credentials for high- and low-risk areas, including key fobs, mobile credentials, and biometric indicators, ensuring a bespoke and adaptive office security system installation.

  • Improved threat detection: To help your security teams maintain full situational awareness at all times, commercial CCTV installers can deploy video surveillance cameras in high-risk locations throughout your building. They can also utilise cloud-based video management software to support convenient remote-access CCTV monitoring, recording and management for 24/7 security protection.

  • Smart alarms and alert systems: Effective business security system installations provide business owners with real-time alerts and threat responses. Avigilon security integrators can install smart environmental sensors, including fire, smoke, motion and sound detectors, to improve threat detection processes. Your local commercial security alarm installation team will also help you integrate these devices into wider security management systems, enabling custom automated responses.

  • Reliable door locks and sensors: While door locks seem a relatively minor part of an office security system, installers can strengthen overall protection by deploying electric door locks and wireless smart locks, offering strong security, reliable performance and durability in high-traffic areas. Commercial security alarm installers can link locks with smart sensors and CCTV cameras for further protection.

Your security system installation can be strengthened with support from each of these components. However, commercial security system installers see the value of holistic systems, monitored from a unified management platform.

Using Avigilon’s open architecture, installers can integrate video cameras, access control systems, alarms and sensors into a single seamless solution. For more complex integrations, security system integrators can combine access control and other security components with building management systems to develop a centralised property management solution.

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Reliable commercial security cameras and systems for your Newcastle building or office

If you’re considering upgrading your office security systems or need a replacement, Avigilon’s network of certified professionals in Newcastle provides an effortless solution. Specialized in commercial security, our local professionals, who undergo frequent training on the most recent physical security systems, can expertly handle both security camera and alarm installations. With Avigilon, your search for comprehensive security integration is made easy.

Avigilon’s expert installers in commercial camera systems for businesses, offer a full range of security services. These services cover everything from initial surveys and installations to integrations, ongoing upgrades, and technical support. They also include prompt repair and maintenance for continued protection of your business.

If you want to work with the best commercial CCTV, security alarm, or office security system installers in Newcastle, contact Avigilon today.

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