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Commercial security systems are critical in a city like New York, where commercial burglaries increased by 75% in 2020, according to the NYPD. An office security system for New York City businesses needs to have the right technology, systems and components to properly protect the assets that matter most. The best commercial security system installations include:

  • Access control
    Limiting who can enter a building is an essential piece of any New York City business security system. Local New York commercial security system installers in Brooklyn, Manhattan and the other boroughs can recommend the right combination of readers, controllers, and credentials for your business to keep unauthorized people out without sacrificing convenience.

  • Video security cameras
    Commercial surveillance systems give business owners a visual record of what’s happening in their spaces at any given moment. A commercial security camera installer in the New York City area can help you make the most of your video surveillance systems. For the best experience, New York office security camera installations should leverage video management platforms that easily integrate into other security systems.

  • Door locks
    Reliable, secure door locks are necessary in any commercial New York City business security system. Some commercial door locks can now be operated remotely via a cloud-based control center or a mobile app for greater flexibility. Work with a local business security system installer in New York City to upgrade your entries with the best commercial door locks, wireless locks or smart locks.

  • Sensors
    Your business security system installation plan should also include any gunshot detectors, occupancy tracking devices and door sensors to maximize the safety and security of your space. The best security sensor systems also have real-time notifications to help improve incident responses.

  • Alarms
    Commercial security alarm system installation in New York is crucial to meeting local regulations and compliance requirements. Every commercial building should have fire alarms, smoke detectors and emergency systems that work alongside building lockdowns and first responder communication networks. Work with a certified New York business security system installer to make sure your alarm systems are up to code, and ask about available integrations to streamline your building management.

As a hub for more than 250,000 businesses, finding comprehensive, trusted commercial security system installers in New York City is also important. Professional New York City office security system installers can help make sure you get the right technology for your business.

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Reliable commercial security cameras and systems for your New York City building or office

While each of the above components is important, all office security technology should work together as a holistic physical security system. Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, offers mobile and cloud-based access control solutions as part of a complete commercial security system for New York businesses. Avigilon Alta is built on open standards to ensure New York City security system installers can easily connect access control with alarms, sensors, building management systems, plus all your software tools and apps. The multi-technology Pro Series readers also feature built-in video and intercom functionality, allowing certified New York office security system installers to integrate Avigilon with existing business security cameras, AI video analytics software and user directories.

Avigilon is a US-based access control manufacturer with amazing customer support for customers installing business security systems in New York City and across the country. Working with a trusted network of certified commercial security system installers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens and the Bronx, Avigilon ensures your access control systems are installed professionally, meeting the high standards expected by New York businesses.

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