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Leading Miami business alarm and commercial security system installers

Miami’s crime rate for the first quarter of 2022 showed burglaries up by almost 54% in the same period in 2021, while theft from buildings almost tripled. With property protection a priority, Miami businesses need a comprehensive office security system that includes the best technologies available. To find out which business security system components provide the best protection for your building and your employees, ask a professional Miami business security system installer for expert advice.

  • Building access control
    With property crime on the rise, it’s essential to install the best controllers and door readers, and use secure credentials to keep intruders out, while ensuring that access for employees and visitors is convenient. A Miami commercial security system installer has the local property insight and the product knowledge to recommend the most appropriate solution for buildings in the Miami and South Florida area.

  • Office door locks
    Commercial door locks covering entrances and secure areas must be robust and reliable. To find out if your door locks need to be upgraded to maximize security, a Miami business security system installer can carry out a professional audit and advise on the right commercial door locks, wireless locks or smart locks. To increase flexibility, they can recommend locks capable of remote operation via the cloud or a mobile app.

  • Video security systems
    Your security team needs a complete, up-to-date picture of activity throughout the building. A Miami commercial security camera installer can put together a detailed plan for a network of high-definition video cameras that provide coverage of key areas. As well as installing a commercial video surveillance system, they can integrate cameras with building and security systems.

  • Sensors
    Some areas of your building might have greater vulnerability. A skilled Miami office security system installer can assess risk levels and recommend sensors that provide security teams with real-time notifications and essential information on occupancy levels, unsecured doors or broken windows.

  • Alarms
    Alarms aren’t just important for security. You’ll also need fire alarms, smoke detectors and emergency systems that comply with local, state and federal regulations. When selecting commercial security alarm system installation in Miami, make sure you opt for a commercial security alarm installer who is familiar with the regulations and can supply a comprehensive, reliable alarm system that ensures you are fully compliant.

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The top commercial security system installation for Miami businesses

Miami isn’t just about tourism. It’s a major center for finance, culture and entertainment, as well as medical centers and biotechnology firms. A strong commercial system installation in Miami is essential for protecting physical and intellectual property, as well as people. Professional business security system installers in Miami recognize that effective physical security requires a fully integrated approach. You can trust our recommended Miami office security system installation experts to provide your property with the right security components in the right spaces to minimize vulnerability.

Professional Miami access control installers and business security system integrators recommend Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, access control systems as an integral element of a seamless commercial security system installation that integrates with building management systems and video platforms. That’s because Avigilon Alta’s mobile, cloud-based access control systems are designed to make security management flexible and future-proof with remotely accessible features, touchless entry, and built-in video and intercom capabilities. Built on open standards, they can be easily integrated with door locks, alarms, sensors, IP security cameras and other components to create a comprehensive office security system.

Avigilon is a leading US-based access control manufacturer with a global client base. We ensure our customers benefit from the best support by working with certified business security system and business security camera installers in Miami and throughout North America. Avigilon’s local network of professional commercial security system installers covers all areas of the city, including the Central Business District, the Financial District and other Miami business centers.

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