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Certified office and commercial security system installers from Melbourne

Melbourne business owners understand the importance of effective commercial security systems designed to protect people and property from common threats. Though crime rates in the city are moderate, police data reveals criminal offences have risen by almost 6% in 2023.

Avigilon can help local Australian employers develop a custom business security system in Melbourne, supplied and configured by our network of certified commercial building security system installers. As a leading provider of end-to-end security solutions, local business security system installation teams can help businesses improve their existing security systems.

Our professional business security system installers in Melbourne will assess your property to identify potential vulnerabilities and recommend holistic solutions, combining components like: 

  • Access control systems: Avigilon Alta access control systems keep out intruders while providing convenient access for authorised users. Office security system installers in Melbourne can develop custom solutions for key locations that may require different levels of protection. Your Melbourne commercial security system installer will help you choose appropriate credential types, access readers and control systems for high-risk and communal areas, combining convenience and security. Utilise mobile credentials and patented Wave to Unlock gesture controls for initiative touchless access, with AI functionality provided by our Video Intercom Reader Pro for simple access management.

  • Video surveillance: Our commercial CCTV installers in Melbourne can develop smart video surveillance networks designed to improve your situational awareness and threat detection processes. Your Avigilon business security cameras installer in Melbourne will identify optimal camera placements and show your team how to monitor live feeds from any secure smart device supported by smart cloud-based video management software.

  • Emergency alert systems: Comprehensive networks of environmental sensors and alarms help businesses improve incident response times. Our Melbourne commercial security alarm installers can set up motion, sound, fire and smoke sensors linked to your security system, with alerts sent via cloud communications to ensure 24/7 protection. In addition, your Melbourne commercial video surveillance installer can integrate sensors into your CCTV network, ensuring suspicious events are flagged for later investigations.

  • Door locks and sensors: The latest commercial door locks and sensors are essential to your Melbourne office security system installation. Experienced business security system installers will assess existing devices and recommend a range of smart door locks and wireless systems that offer robust, reliable and convenient protection. Security system integrators in Melbourne and certified commercial security camera installers can integrate these tools into wider management systems to streamline your general security operations.

While individually, these Melbourne office security system components improve your physical security posture in different ways, developing an integrated solution provides a more holistic view of your business’ defences. An Avigilon commercial CCTV system installer in Melbourne can help you combine key tools into one easily-managed platform supported by our open API architecture.

Our Melbourne commercial CCTV camera installers and security system integrators will help you develop a bespoke solution tailored to your needs, drawing on extensive experience working with clients in your locality and your commercial industry.

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The top commercial security system and CCTV installation for Melbourne businesses

If you’re looking for a commercial CCTV installer or an office security system installer in Melbourne, you can trust our network of certified local experts. Avigilon’s security camera installer partners for business clients receive frequent training in the latest smart technologies and understand the unique challenges faced by businesses operating in the state of Victoria.

Our Melbourne commercial security system installation teams will help you select hardware and software solutions that match your business needs and meet industry-specific requirements. They will then install the new devices promptly and efficiently to minimise disruptions. Additionally, we provide end-to-end support, from initial surveys to ongoing technical support and maintenance services.

If you’re searching for the best Melbourne business security camera installers, commercial security alarm installers and office security system installers, Avigilon can help. 

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