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Getting the right physical security systems installed is crucial for Los Angeles businesses, especially with property infractions and violent crime increasing throughout the city. Whether you’re looking for a local commercial security system installer for a new deployment, or want to upgrade an existing system, it’s important to know which components you need. The best business security system installers recommend:

  • Video surveillance systems
    Work with a commercial security camera installer in Los Angeles to determine where cameras are needed on your property. Business video security cameras are crucial to knowing what’s happening in your space in real-time, as well as having a visual record of any security breaches or incidents. When paired with a commercial intercom with video capabilities, you will have a complete visibility of your building. Your Los Angeles security camera installer for business can also recommend video management software with features like remote and mobile video monitoring.

  • Controlling property access
    When choosing business security systems, Los Angeles installers always recommend a good access control provider to ensure only authorized individuals can gain entry to the building. Talk with a trusted security installer to understand which controllers, door readers, and credentials are right for your business’s access control needs.

  • Emergency systems and alarms
    In LA, business security systems must have the proper fire, flood, and earthquake alarms to comply with emergency system regulations. Your Los Angeles security alarm system installer will also recommend intrusion detection and alarm monitoring options to secure your office.

  • Office door locks and sensors
    Modern commercial building security systems in Los Angeles need a more robust solution than a traditional lock and key. Today’s electric commercial door locks and wireless smart locks can help keep your office safe and secure. Talk to your local LA business security installer about additional sensors for tracking occupancy, detecting gunshots and broken glass, and getting alerted for doors forced open or left ajar.

Home to a range of commercial industries including enterprise, entertainment, manufacturing, and hospitality, Los Angeles commercial security system integrators and installers must be well-versed in the different technology and options available for businesses of all types.

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The right Los Angeles commercial CCTV and alarm system for your building

No matter which types of security systems you choose, it’s important that all your components and technology work as a complete system. Avigilon, a US-based mobile and cloud-based access control manufacturer, is a crucial part of a holistic security solution for Los Angeles businesses. Security system installers recommend Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, for its open API standards, which make the system easy to integrate with your other security components. With hardware such as the Video Intercom Reader Pro and Video Reader Pro, businesses can integrate their access control system seamlessly with commercial security cameras and video analytics software.

Plus, Avigilon’s mobile experience helps Los Angeles area offices improve their security without sacrificing convenience. Touchless Wave to Unlock is intuitive and reliable, and office managers can easily unlock the door, adjust permissions, and track access activity remotely in the cloud-based dashboard.

Make sure your office security and access control systems are installed by a certified Los Angeles access control installer or commercial security integrator. Known for amazing customer support and effortless deployment, Avigilon partners with top-rated commercial security system and access control installers throughout the Greater Los Angeles area, including Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Burbank, Long Beach, Downey, and Woodland Hills. Our trusted network will work with you to determine which security systems for business you need, give you options for available integrations, and help you configure the system to ensure optimal performance and security.

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