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Leading Las Vegas business alarm and commercial security system installers

With a crime rate higher than the national average, it’s essential for Las Vegas businesses to have the best available commercial security system. If you’re planning to upgrade your existing security system or deploy a new system, it’s important to work with an experienced Las Vegas commercial security system installer who can advise on the system components that give your building maximum protection:

  • Access control system
    It’s essential to make access to your building secure without sacrificing convenience so that only employees and authorized visitors can enter. A professional Las Vegas business security system installer can recommend and install a solution from a quality access control system provider. They can provide expert advice on the combination of controllers, door readers, and credentials that will maximize protection for your building entrances and secure areas.

  • Video security camera system
    A Las Vegas commercial security camera installer is familiar with the security risks in commercial buildings and they can identify the areas where cameras should be deployed. A well-designed network of business security cameras will ensure your security team is immediately aware of any security incidents, speeding up response times. A Las Vegas security camera installer for business can also advise on solutions for remote or mobile video monitoring, as well as software for managing the camera network and recording security images.Ensure you choose a business security camera installer who is familiar with Las Vegas surveillance regulations.

  • Commercial alarm systems
    Alarm systems play an important role in ensuring the security of your building and the safety of your employees. A Las Vegas commercial security alarm system installation expert, familiar with federal, state and local regulations will advise on the fire alarms, smoke detectors, and emergency systems you need to ensure compliance. A commercial security alarm installer should also be able to recommend the best alarms for intrusion detection.

  • Building door locks and sensors
    Door locks should not be the weakest link in your commercial security system. To protect building entrances and doors to secure areas, you need locks that are robust, reliable and secure. A Las Vegas business security system installer can explain the security benefits of the latest electromagnetic door locks and wireless smart locks. They can also advise on suitable locations for sensors to alert your security team on occupancy levels, broken windows or doors left open or forced.

While Las Vegas is best known as a major destination for tourism, gaming and conventions, it also has a strong and growing business infrastructure in health, medicine, and information technology. Las Vegas business security system installation experts are familiar with the physical security priorities of all those businesses and can provide expert insight on solutions that provide maximum protection for people, property and data.

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The top commercial security system installation for Las Vegas businesses

When security is critical, it’s important that all the system components work together as a complete integrated system to eliminate any security gaps. Office security system and access control installers in Las Vegas should understand this principle and they recommend holistic security systems with the best components available. A key element in the integrated solutions installed by the best Las Vegas commercial security system installation experts is a mobile and cloud-based access control system from Avigilon, a leading US-based manufacturer. The latest Video Intercom Reader Pro and Video Reader Pro from Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath, run on cloud software built to open standards, which makes it easy for installers to integrate other security technology components as well as building management and environmental control systems.

To benefit from this comprehensive approach to security installation, it pays to work with an approved Las Vegas commercial security system installer certified with Avigilon. Our network of professional installers provides the highest level of support from initial consultation to system design, installation, and maintenance to Las Vegas clients in the Central Business District, Medical District, Las Vegas Technology Park, and Las Vegas Enterprise Park.

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