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Top commercial video surveillance and security system contractors in Kansas City

Kansas City businesses face a property crime rate of 4,352 per 100,000 properties. For any business leader to gear their business toward success, they must keep security in mind. A modern and seamlessly integrated physical security system can help your business avoid losses and encourage the trust of stakeholders. At Avigilon, we work with Kansas City commercial security system installers to provide critical security elements that you can integrate to form a blended, more robust approach to security. Our security technology offerings include:

  • Touchless access control
    Since the pandemic, an emphasis has been placed on the need for health and safety security. Touchless access control uses mobile access credentials to ensure users can enter commercial buildings without contacting touchpoints like door handles and pin pads. Users are guaranteed first-time entry with the Triple-Unlock feature of Avigilon’s door locks. WiFi, cellular, and Bluetooth communication ensure flawless detection so that users can enter the building by simply waving their hands over the access reader. Traffic will run smoothly throughout your building, and users will benefit from the added convenience of touchless technology and cloud based management with Avigilon Alta, formerly Openpath.

  • Surveillance
    To further secure your commercial building in Kansas, a security camera installer for business will recommend adding commercial video surveillance systems to the high-risk areas in your property. With an up-to-date picture and recording of the goings on at your building at all times, your security team will be able to respond much swiftly to any security incidents.

  • Integrations
    At Avigilon, we partner with many software companies that provide integrations and enhancements for your commercial access control system. Your HR, administration, and security teams will benefit from automated wellness verification software, visitor management software, and cybersecurity software. We provide easy access to a wide range of integrations to optimize the functionality of your access control solution and help you to make the most out of your office building security system investments. Contact your local Kansas City office security system installer and ask about Avigilon’s products.

  • Sensors and remote operations
    Sensors in your building can quicken your security staff’s response to security threats, increasing the potential to prevent a security event. Gunshot detection and glass break detection sensors will trigger automated alerts sent to your administrators’ and security team’s mobile devices, ensuring they are kept up-to-date on security alerts no matter where they are. A Kansas City commercial security alarm installer will recommend using the mobile app or cloud-based control center, your security team can initiate lockdown procedures or trigger building alarms to initiate evacuation protocols. Swift and decisive responses are essential to an effective security incident response plan. With cloud-based technologies, your team can operate your system anywhere to keep the site secure.

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Choosing the best Kansas City business CCTV security and alarm system

Security technology installations work best as part of a fully-integrated cloud-based system. Avigilon is a US-based access control manufacturer that prioritizes user experience and convenience. Our technologies provide intuitive and user-friendly operations for your commercial security system in Kansas City. Using our technologies, you can provide enhanced security to your commercial building without sacrificing convenience.

Our Pro Series Video Intercom Readers offer all-in-one identity verification. The intercom system is equipped with touchless access reader technology, a built-in security camera, and voice recognition. Ask a commercial security camera installer or business security camera installer with knowledge of Kansas City surveillance regulations to integrate video feed and access control systems for quicker identity verification and quicker resolution of misappropriated access credentials incidents.

We work with a wide range of Kansas City access control installers and commercial security system professionals to offer you access to top-tier integrations. Our recommended Kansas City business security system integrators have the experience and knowledge to work with a wide range of commercial building architectures and around different security budgets. Avigilon works with commercial security system and access control installers in the Metro area, Country Club Plaza, Crown Center, Downtown Kansas City, East Bottoms, and more areas in Kansas City. The installation experts we work with can help you update and enhance your current systems or help you install a security system in any Kansas City location.

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