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Certified office and commercial security system installers from Jerusalem

While Jerusalem is considered a relatively safe city, crime rates have risen by around 35% in recent years. With property crimes occurring at a rate of just over 23 incidents per 1000 residents each year, business owners in Jerusalem may consider better protecting their properties with support from local commercial security system installers.

With access control and video security technology, Avigilon’s end-to-end security system can be the solution for an effective business security system in Jerusalem. The chief advantages of this system are the comprehensive portfolio of products, the full range of AI-enabled security cameras and the cloud-based security platform. In addition, Avigilon has a network of highly experienced, certified security system installers local to Jerusalem.

Here are the top key components Jerusalem businesses need for a strong commercial security system: 

  • Security cameras  Security cameras are a key element of any good commercial security system, allowing 24/7 surveillance of the building(s) and property. Using the services of a commercial security camera installer, owners/​managers can be assured of effective detection of any suspicious activity.

  • Surveillance and video management software — Camera and video surveillance alone isn’t enough. Businesses also need a way to manage the system easily and remotely, and that’s where video management comes in. For example, Avigilon’s premier cloud-based security platform allows security control and management from anywhere, as well as complete system integration.

  • Access control — Access control is a top priority for Jerusalem-based businesses in regards to physical security. Businesses need to manage and control who accesses the building and certain areas of the building. The access control component of an office security system typically functions by means of card readers, PIN keypads and/​or fingerprint scanners, all of which are linked to a security panel for verification.

  • Alarms — No commercial security system would be complete without a robust alarm system. A good alarm system should be able to detect when something is amiss and then send alerts to the proper authorities so they can then respond quickly and efficiently.

  • Intrusion detection — The alarm system can’t, of course, do its job without adequate intrusion detection in place. Typically, the alarm sensors and video surveillance systems are connected to a central monitoring station where the support staff receive the alarm and determine whether it’s authentic.

  • Smoke and fire sensors — Another important component of a commercial security system is protection from building damage. Smoke and fire sensors allow businesses to comply with local Jerusalem building codes, as well as ensuring the safety of the building and its occupants.

  • Smart locks — An additional layer of security comes with the use of smart locks. The advantage of smart locks is that they allow you to connect your business locks to W‑Fi and thus control the locks remotely from a smartphone or similar device. Other important benefits include keyless entry, mobile access, mobile alerts, custom user access codes and the use of smart keys.

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The right Jerusalem commercial CCTV and alarm system for your building

If you are in Jerusalem and considering business security system installation, make sure that the installation team has appropriate industry accreditation and is trained in installing the specific security system. The system installer should be highly rated with outstanding reviews and recommendations. In addition, the installer should be available and able to work within your desired timeframe, and must also be able to provide a system that meets your security needs within your budget.

Perhaps most important is that your Jerusalem commercial security system installer is local. Avigilon meets this criterion because they always work with experienced, certified local installers, which ensures their ability to meet your specific security needs. A local installer can implement Avigilon’s premier security solutions and help protect your business premises and people.

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